Innisfree Celebrated Earth Day With An Interactive Plogging Activity

Innisfree Celebrated Earth Day With An Interactive Plogging Activity

April 2022, New Delhi: Earth Day 2022 is here! Celebrated annually on April 22nd, this day is globally recognized as a day to take action by creating local, national, and global policy changes while also changing human behavior. With an aim to encourage people to keep a healthy lifestyle and save the environment, Korean naturalism brand innisfree celebrated Earth day with an interactive Plogging activity. What is Plogging, you ask? Plogging is a combination of two words ‘jogging’ and a Swedish phrase for pick up, ‘plocka upp’. It is an eco-friendly exercise in which people pick up trash while jogging. This activity not only helps our community in its effort to stay clean but also provides us a fun and effective workout.

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Social media bloggers and people from the media joined the innisfree team in their fun-filled Plogging activity where the guests were handed a kit comprising of a pair of gloves, stainless tong and trash bags which are certified by the Korean Ministry of Environment under EL 724 as a biodegradable resin product., etc. to make the activity more effective. The patch of 1.5 kms was divided into four levels and flags were mounted at each level in collaboration with SankalpTaru Foundation to indicate the plogger’s progress. On the last level, the trash bags of all ploggers were weighed and three people with the heaviest garbage bags won exciting goodies from AmorePacific. The campaign took place in Gairatpur Bas, Gurugram and went on for an hour followed by a healthy and delicious breakfast to nourish the body after a happy and meaningful morning workout. The Ploggers were seen posting pictures of themselves enjoying the activity on social media and left with a sense of achievement and joy.

At the event, Mini Sood Banerjee, Assistant Director & Head of Marketing, AmorePacific India said: “The innisfree team is overjoyed to witness such an overwhelming response to our first Plogging activity in India. Together, we managed to collect over 30kgs of litter and do our bit to help mother nature this Earth Day. We look forward to hosting such cleanliness drives every year to give back to the environment and inspire others to do the same”

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This Earth Day, innisfree hopes that more and more people are encouraged to take their relationship with nature one step further and contribute to the Earth’s overall well-being just as we do for our own, which is something to be proud of! Plogging is one way to engage with nature and enjoy time outside in a way that gives back. So, let us come together and inspire one another to help keep the natural areas in our communities free from litter not just on Earth Day but everyday. Happy Earth Day, Happy Plogging!

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