ISACA’s CMMI Certification Pathways Courses and Exams Updated to Align with CMMI V3.0, Latest Best Practices

Bangalore, India, 6th May 2024: To continue to deliver innovative training to those pursuing credentialing pathways for ISACA’s Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI®), ISACA has updated each of its CMMI certification-related policies and CMMI certification exams to align with the recent CMMI V3.0 release and reflect best practices in managing certification programs.

CMMI helps organizations—more than 19,000 since inception—enhance their performance and seize opportunities as trusted business partners and suppliers. The recent updates to the CMMI credentialing pathway courses and exams include:

  • Implementing changes to the certification pathway to align with CMMI V3.0, including the development of new Exam Content Outlines (ECOs) for all CMMI certification exams.
  • Developing new exam questions (items) to align to their respective ECOs to ensure the exams assess the knowledge and competencies required within the specific roles.
  • Establishing a new cut score for each exam to ensure that those that pass truly have the right amount of knowledge and competencies to perform the respective role.

“The learning team at ISACA is excited to support the CMMI V3.0 upgrade by refining the CMMI training offerings with a strong focus on continuous improvement and new functionality to enhance the student experience,” says Kirsten Lora, ISACA vice president, publishing.

The updated training material brings increased value to students through:

  • Improved visibility of, and emphasis on, course objectives
  • Redesigned and improved graphics throughout the course material
  • Consistent style across the version 3.0 courses and material
  • Tailored guidelines that allow the instructor to cover all essential material, while customizing course material to the specific needs of different audiences
  • Support from a comprehensive Instructor Guide that helps to manage the pace of the class
  • Virtual delivery format that can be adaptable to onsite delivery

“In the more than 20 years I have been teaching CMMI courses, there has always been a high level of support for instructors and students, resulting in strong outcomes,” says Richard Bechtold, PhD, president, Abridge Technology Certified CMMI LA and Instructor. “The improved quality that ISACA is bringing to its CMMI training and credentialing material will ensure that the learning experience is further elevated and customizable to set up both learners and instructors for success.”

ISACA also recently released its CMMI High Maturity Lead Appraiser (HMLA) Entrance Exam, based on an updated Exam Content Outline supporting the V3.0 model to ensure the qualifications of the most experienced and skilled Lead Appraisers.  The updated HMLA Certification aims to provide clarity to high maturity candidates, facilitating smoother progression through the pathway while maintaining quality, rigor, and consistency in the certification process.  The HMLA oral exam was recently released as well.

These recent updates, including enhancements to ISACA’s CMMI Lead Appraiser Training that align all content to the CMMI V3.0 model and domain content, and adjustments made to better link learner objectives with course content, provide more guidance and clarity to CMMI Instructors delivering these courses in the notes. Additionally, ISACA recently released the updated Achieving High Maturity (AHM) course and the updated CMMI Professional Exam, the first tier of the CMMI advanced level exams, which supports up-and-coming professionals seeking to elevate their careers through the CMMI ecosystem.

The CMMI 2024 Conference will take place 8-10 May in Phoenix, Arizona, bringing together members of the CMMI community from a range of backgrounds and industries to share and learn best practices for improving organizational performance.

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