Jaipuria Institute of Management Holds International Faculty Development Program on ‘Innovative Approaches in Case Teaching Methodology’

Jaipuria Institute of Management Holds International Faculty Development Program on ‘Innovative Approaches in Case Teaching Methodology’

Jaipuria Institute of Management organised an extensive Online International Faculty Development Program on Innovative Approaches in Case of Teaching Methodology on Monday, June 28 at 10 AM. The program delivered virtually focused on the power of case studies and how this strong pedagogical vehicle could enable teachers to impart complex and robust business mechanisms to MBA students. The program was held by Professor George Rosier, University of Technology, Sydney, a leading figure as a management coach and trainer, who excels in Project Management, Research, University Teaching, Adult Education, Leadership Development, Change Management, Higher Education, and Training. Innovative Approaches in Case Teaching Methodology pressed on exposing management students to extensive case studies to develop and foster analytical and critical thinking skills.

The Online FDP was joined by hundreds of participants all across the world virtually. Prof. Rosier shared great insights on the changing education landscape amidst pandemic and the relevance of Innovative Approaches in Case Teaching Methodology. Professor Rosier also helped teachers understand how case studies can make students aware of various management elements, ranging from operations, organisational structure, communication, and develop a unique perspective to see a problem from different angles. This program presented faculty members and researchers with an opportunity to learn and hold live discussions over challenges faced while delivering management lectures and how these could be resolved.

It is believed that using case studies in the classroom provides a means to conceptualise ideas to be applied in practical, real-world business scenarios. Besides, it is an excellent way for MBA students to learn new cognitive skills and improve their analysis and evaluation skills.

Commenting on the FDP, Professor (Dr) Daviender Narang, Director Institute of Management, said, “We are very grateful to Prof. George Rosier for taking out time and delivering such an insightful session, as a part of FDP programs. It was a great session, intensively highlighted innovative approaches to case teaching methodology. It made participants learn the theory behind developing a good case study and the guiding principles of writing case studies. After taking this workshop, we are very hopeful that the participants would have gathered a strong understsnding for developing their own cases. This program was designed to bridge the gap in quality research and teaching skills required in contemporary management education in India. This program specially catered to the need of academicians and researchers to strengthen their teaching skills. This program provided a great understanding of management complexities, how to understand the ambiguities of business and to identify and get to the bottom of things to resolve the issues.”

The case study methodology help students and teachers hold rich discussions over different issues, glitches and common traps which emerge in regular business practices. It also showed how serval organisations resolved different challenges with a change of perspective, and some even turned them into growth opportunities. Hence, with the help of different scenarios presented in via different case studies, MBA students can enhance their problem-solving skills and decision-making abilities.

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