JK Lakshmi Cement | Post Budget Reaction Quote

Mr. Arun Shukla, President and Director, JK Lakshmi Cement

“JK Lakshmi Cement applauds the Honourable Finance Minister, Shree Nirmala Sitharaman, for crafting the visionary Union Budget 2024-25, a blueprint that aligns profoundly with our ethos of inclusive development. As a stalwart in the cement industry, we welcome the Government of India’s commitment to fostering growth, sustainability, and inclusivity. The Government’s strategic focus on all forms of infrastructure, be it digital, social, or physical, and a strong emphasis on women’s empowerment, resonates with our forward-looking mission. The significant increase in infrastructure outlay to INR 11.11 lakh crores and the emphasis on green growth shows the Government’s pursuit to propel our nation towards economic excellence.

As a key player in the cement sector, we are eager to contribute meaningfully to the strategic railway corridor programs, particularly those targeting energy, mineral, and cement corridors. We also applaud the Government’s efforts to deepen GST reforms, creating a more unified and efficient tax regime. This, coupled with initiatives like the bio-manufacturing scheme, and multi-modal connectivity projects, creates a favourable environment for sustained economic growth and job creation. As we navigate the next five years of unprecedented development, JK Lakshmi Cement remains steadfast in its commitment to supporting the Government’s vision of a Vikisit Bharat by 2047 and contributing to the nation’s journey towards economic excellence while creating opportunities for all.”

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