Kumar Vikas Saxena’s It Makes Me Wonder Art Exhibition Captivates Art Enthusiasts

Kumar Vikas Saxena's It Makes Me Wonder Art Exhibition Captivates Art Enthusiasts

The preview party for Kumar Vikas Saxena’s Art Exhibition, titled “It Makes Me Wonder,” was filled with excitement. Kumar Vikas Saxena, who is not only the President of NGO Empowerment but also a passionate painter, has made a big impact in the art world.

Saxena’s art is all about blending dreams with reality. He paints pictures of grand buildings like monuments and temples but adds a modern twist. His goal is to make people ponder the connections between the past, present, and future.

The event was attended by many of Saxena’s friends, art enthusiasts, and fellow artists, as well as diplomats. Notable attendees included Nupur Kundu, Anadmoy Banerjee, Kanchan Chandra, Shampa Das, Curator Prayag Shukol, and Nidhi Jain.

Saxena believes that artists are always innovating. His art is influenced by his surroundings and where he lives. While he loves to showcase India’s rich history in his paintings, he also wants his art to resonate with everyone, not just a select few.  With “It Makes Me Wonder,” Saxena wants to show how great our past was and how hopeful our future can be. He has made 12 paintings for this show, all done with acrylic paint on canvas. He hopes his art will make people think about how humans are all connected across time.

This show is a big deal for Saxena. He’s already had four shows of just his art before this one. His journey as an artist has been like a big, colorful blanket made with lots of hard work and love. He had some personal problems along the way, but people from all over the world have praised his art.

Saxena has been honored by important people like the Princess of Thailand and the Ministry of Culture in China. He feels grateful for the recognition of his art, which has been all about bringing different cultures together. From big art camps to living in different countries to make art, his paintings show how people from all over the world are connected.

As Saxena looks forward to the future, he wants to keep telling stories with his art. Every time he paints, he’s discovering new things about life. His paintings show the beauty and complexity of life with lots of energy and determination.

Kumar Vikas  Saxena, an artist, grew up in Bareilly, a city in Uttar Pradesh, surrounded by art. His father and uncle were painters, so he learned about art from them. He also spent a lot of time in the mountains of Uttarakhand during his childhood, where he developed a deep love for nature. He finds beauty in nature’s rawness and reflects this love in his textured paintings.Artist Kumar Vikas has a strong love for earthy colors, especially yellow ochre. He believes that yellow is the most beautiful color, and almost all earthy tones make him feel a sense of belonging. These colors remind him of his hometown and the smell of its soil. Besides yellow, no other color gives him the same feeling of energy and positivity.

Kumar Vikas also has a special liking for earthy and dusty colors, but he can’t remember when they became so important to him. Maybe it’s been since he fell in love with his cultural heritage. Throughout history, yellow has been linked to rebirth and wisdom. Different cultures have used yellow in sacred and mythological symbols in various ways.

Yellow acts as a catalyst for Kumar Vikas‘s original thoughts and curiosity. He longs to experience human civilization and history firsthand. When he sees historical buildings, temples, and places of worship, he wishes he could travel back in time and live among them.

The natural and rustic appearance of ancient buildings touches Kumar Vikas‘s heart. The combination of earthy tones, stones, and rocks sparks new ideas in his artistic mind. It inspires him and gives him the energy to create, think, and paint.

Kumar Vikas‘s journey begins at the site of a battle between the British army and fighters from Rohilkhand. Although it’s far from his hometown, the sight of the memorial excites him. The vast expanse of land and the dilapidated memorial attract him with their environment and colors. The atmosphere captivates him, leaving him feeling hypnotized.

This marked the beginning of Saxena’s journey as an artist, which has included many group shows, solo exhibitions, and international art projects. He studied painting at Kumaun University and started a non-profit organization called “Sashaktikaran” in 2002 to promote arts and crafts. Saxena’s art is inspired by grand structures and historical monuments. He admires the architects and artists behind these structures and tries to capture their essence in his paintings. He has traveled to various countries, including Sri Lanka, China, Thailand, and Europe, where he draws inspiration from different architectural styles. Saxena’s paintings reflect a blend of dream-like imagery and reality, depicting the connection between the past, present, and future. He incorporates nature into his work to convey a message about the importance of preserving the environment. His art often portrays the co-existence of human civilization and nature, showing both the beauty and destruction caused by human activities.

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