Lenovo and AMD Forge New Frontiers in Hybrid AI to Deliver Unmatched Performance

Bengaluru, April 30, 2024: Lenovo Group (HKSE: 992) (ADR: LNVGY) announced a comprehensive new suite of purpose-built AI-centric infrastructure systems and solutions to advance Hybrid AI innovation from edge to cloud. Lenovo is delivering GPU-rich and thermally efficient solutions intended for compute-intensive workloads across multiple environments and industries. In industries such as financial services and healthcare, customers are managing massive data sets that require extreme I/O bandwidth and Lenovo is providing the IT infrastructure solutions vital to manage the critical data. Lenovo TruScale offers unmatched flexibility and support, enabling seamless integration of demanding AI workloads as-a-service. Backed by Lenovo Professional Services, businesses can navigate the AI landscape with ease, adapting to the evolving demands and opportunities of AI-driven enterprises.

“Lenovo proudly pioneers AI innovation with AMD’s groundbreaking MI300X 8-GPU server. With unparalleled capabilities to tackle large-scale GenAI and LLM workloads, we’re not just embracing AI evolution, we’re driving it forward,” said Sumir Bhatia, President, Asia Pacific, Lenovo Infrastructure Solutions Group. “Our latest offerings, powered by AMD’s cutting-edge technology, mark our commitment to leading the market. As CIOs gear up for a 45% surge in AI investment, our comprehensive suite of first-to-market AMD MI300X-powered solutions is ready to empower organizations on their intelligent transformation journeys.” 

Lenovo is at the forefront of AI-led innovation, empowering businesses across India with Hybrid AI solutions. With over 93% of Indian enterprises planning to invest in GenAI in 2024, it’s evident that AI adoption is on the rise. Recognizing the pivotal role AI plays in gaining competitive advantage, we’ve collaborated with AMD to offer a comprehensive suite of AI-centric systems and solutions,” added Amit Luthra, MD – India, Lenovo ISG. “From accelerating insights in financial services to enhancing healthcare capabilities, Lenovo leads the way in transformative intelligence. Our latest ThinkSystem and ThinkAgile offerings, powered by AMD technology, revolutionize AI deployment, delivering unprecedented performance and efficiency across edge and cloud environments.”

Accelerating the Most Compute Demanding AI Workloads

In collaboration with AMD, Lenovo is delivering the ThinkSystem SR685a V3 8GPU server, bringing customers extreme performance for the most compute-demanding AI workloads, inclusive of GenAI and Large Language Models (LLM). The powerful solution provides fast acceleration, large memory, and Input/Output bandwidth to handle huge data sets, needed for advances in the financial services, healthcare, energy, climate science, and transportation industries. The new ThinkSystem SR685a V3 is the optimal solution for both enterprise private on-prem AI as well as for public AI cloud service providers.

In critical and data-sensitive industries like financial services, the ThinkSystem SR685a V3 is designed to help with fraud detection and prevention and KYC (know your customer) initiatives, risk management, credit issuance, wealth management, regulatory compliance, and forecasting. It features 4th Generation AMD EPYC™ Processors and AMD Instinct™ MI300X GPUs, interconnected with AMD Infinity Fabric™ for 1.5TB HBM3 memory capacity and up to 1TB/s GPU I/O bandwidth. Air-cooling enables sustained performance while supporting NVIDIA’s HGXTM GPUs and future AMD CPU upgrades for flexibility.

Offering Rapid Scalability to Pappaya Cloud

Commenting on the development, Jagadeesh Venugopal, COO, Pappaya Cloud added, “As a strategic partner of Lenovo and AMD, we are thrilled about the compute potential of the SR685a V3 in addressing both current and future AI workload requirements. The advanced capabilities of this 8GPU server, coupled with Lenovo’s innovative thermal solutions, clearly demonstrate cost-effective AI-enabled offerings for the market. As a rapidly growing Cloud Solutions Provider with the ambitious goal of capturing 2% of the global cloud market within the next 3 years, we recognize the increasing significance of AI workloads for customers worldwide. With a targeted deployment of over 5000 servers by 2025, we are proud to collaborate with AMD-Lenovo technology to spearhead the AI revolution for our managed cloud services customer base.”

One of the Most Powerful Edge for Azure Stack HCI Server on the Market

Lenovo is bringing AI inferencing and real-time data analysis to the edge with the new Lenovo ThinkAgile MX455 V3 Edge Premier Solution with AMD EPYCTM 8004 processors. This versatile AI-optimized platform delivers new levels of AI, compute, and storage performance at the edge with the best power efficiency of any Azure Stack HCI Solution. Seamlessly integrating with on-premises and Azure cloud environments, it enables reduced total cost of ownership (TCO) through streamlined lifecycle management, accelerated software adoption, and an enriched customer experience. Ideal for retail, manufacturing, and healthcare sectors, key features include automation for reduced management overhead, Lenovo Open Cloud Automation (LOC-A) for rapid deployment and cloud-based management via Azure Arc-enabled architecture, single-point support for maintenance efficiency, and continuous testing and automated updates validated by Microsoft and Lenovo to enhance security, reliability, and minimize downtime.

Solving for Compute compute-intensive workloads

Lenovo and AMD are unveiling a multi-node, high-performance, thermally efficient server designed to maximize performance per rack for intensive transaction processing. The Lenovo ThinkSystem SD535 V3 is a 1S/1U half-width server node powered by a single 4th Gen AMD EPYC processor and is engineered to maximize processing power and thermal efficiency for workloads including cloud computing and virtualization at scale, big data analytics, high-performance computing, and real-time e-commerce transactions for businesses of all sizes.

At AMD, we believe AI is the single, most transformational technology over the last 50 years, and with India ranking among the top nations when it comes to adoption of AI in its workforce, the importance of the technology in driving business growth is undeniable,” saidVinay Sinha, Managing Director, Sales, India, AMD. “Together with Lenovo, we are accelerating AI transformation for the enterprise in multiple manners – helping guide customers through this monumental shift in computing, while providing robust end-to-end solutions at scale. We are thrilled to work with Lenovo to expand their portfolio with the AMD Instinct MI300X accelerators, empowering enterprises and making the benefits of the technology pervasive.”

Simplifying the AI Experience with Professional Services 

To empower businesses and accelerate success with AI adoption, Lenovo has introduced with immediate availability Lenovo AI Advisory and Professional Services that offer a breadth of services, solutions and platforms. These are designed to help businesses of all sizes navigate the AI landscape, find the right solutions to put AI to work for their organizations quickly, cost-effectively and at scale, bringing AI from concept to reality. The practice can be broken into a five-step process:

The practice is broken into a five-step process: AI Discovery; AI Advisory; AI Fast Start; AI Deploy and Scale; and AI Manage. In this process, Lenovo first assesses the organization’s AI readiness, across security, people, technology, and processes, basis which they recommend the most effective AI adoption and management plan that aligns with the organization’s objectives. Further to this, Lenovo’s experts design and build critical AI elements, deploy tools and frameworks for AI implementation, and offer guidance to maintain, manage, and optimize the AI system. Lastly, Lenovo partners with customers to support IT deployments for their lifetime and continuously cultivates and qualifies an ecosystem of AI Innovators so that AI use cases can grow with AI maturity.

With Lenovo AI Advisory and Professional Services, customers can leverage the support of proven expert teams to mitigate the complexity of AI implementation and see real business outcomes fast. Through a combination of end-to-end services, hardware, and AI applications, Lenovo empowers customers to succeed at every stage of their AI journey.  By simplifying the rollout of AI, we make AI accessible to organizations of all sizes and enabling transformative intelligence across all industries.

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