Levi’s® Commemorates The 501® Jeans With A Range Of New Finishes And Fits

India, May  2023: What began as a patent for copper rivets on work pants in 1873 has, over the last 150 years, become the most iconic and influential piece of clothing ever created. A canvas for rule-breaking, do-what-you-want style, the 501® jeans have broken the boundaries of time and culture. Over the years, the 501® family has expanded beyond the 501® Original. The range now includes fits such as the new 501® ’54, 501® ’81 as well as other iterations of the widely popular timeless icon. In all its manifestations, 501® pieces are the ultimate vehicle for self-expression. To celebrate the milestone anniversary and the enduring power of authentic self-expression, Levi’s® is introducing a new range of finishes and fits, including a limited-edition International 501® Jean, banner prints, optimistic colors, and a special Levi’s x Deepika Padukone 501® Jean exclusive to India.

International 501® Jeans

In May, Levi’s® will commemorate the 501® jeans as a worldwide phenomenon with limited-edition International 501® rigid Shrink-to-Fit™ selvage jeans across both genders, that feature all components of the jeans, including our iconic red tab, rivets, leather patch, and pocket flashers translated into six different languages: Japanese, Hindi, Spanish, French, Korean or Simplified Chinese. These unique sundry details celebrate the global appeal of the world’s most iconic jeans in a personalized way for countries and cultures across the world.


Levi’s x Deepika Padukone – 501® Edition

Icon meets icon with Levi’s x Deepika Padukone 501® Edition. The limited-edition 501® Original Jean is offered in a deep brown and features unique tonal embroidery on the back pockets, a subtle and elevated addition. Pair the jeans with the matching 90’s trucker Jacket for a full head-to-toe look. These distinct denim pieces are launching on May 10 and are exclusive to India.


Banner Print

Taking inspiration from the extensive Levi’s® archive and original dry goods signage from the ‘30s to the ‘50s while also nodding to the history of print, Levi’s® is also introducing head-to-toe looks of its hero banner print in May. From a Banner Trucker and 501® Banner ’90s Shorts to 501® Banner Jeans and 501® Banner Shorts, these pieces can be layered, styled in hookups, or used as an accent with a classic 501® Original. The dynamic new prints on beloved 501® classics feature bright colors that proudly pop and make a bold statement of self-expression.



Levi’s® is introducing optimistic color offerings through dye techniques across a range of 501® fit both genders. Color is a key element of self-expression in fashion, and Levi’s® is empowering individuals to express themselves through color with garment-dyed pieces. These are jeans for people who wear what they want and want to be seen.


Levi’s® is also expanding its family of shorts offerings. From the 501® ’93 cut-off and 501® Original Shorts for men to the 501® ’90s and 501® Mid-Thigh shorts for women, there are shorts for everybody and plenty of opportunities to try something new. The longer, looser, and more laid-back look of the ‘90s can be balanced with a fitted top or worn with whatever allows you to express yourself and feel comfortable.

“As we celebrate 150 years of the Levi’s® 501® jeans, we also commemorate 150 years of a beloved global icon of culture, enduring style, and authentic self-expression,” said Karyn Hillman, Chief Product Officer at Levi Strauss & Co. “The 501 has transcended from pure utilitarian workwear to an everyday uniform adopted by fans around the globe, across multiple generations. With such a monumental anniversary for the brand, we’ve leaned into our history while threading through innovation and modernity to bring a unique and exciting range of our 501 families to live for today.”

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