Lockdown 2.0 & Vulnerable Underserved – Organisations supporting migrant Labours to secure a livelihood amidst pandemic

Lockdown 2.0 & Vulnerable Underserved – Organisations supporting migrant Labours to secure a livelihood amidst pandemic

After a whole year of uncertainty and deprivation, the second wave of Covid has again hit the lives of those daily wagers and migrant labourers who were dependent on regular works on a daily basis. In April itself, India recorded over 80,000 migrant labours who went back disappointed to their native places. Due to a lack of educational support and guidance Indian youth residing in backward districts move to metro cities in search of earning a livelihood to feed their families.

To uplift the capable Indian youth, social organizations and foundations are working towards providing skill-oriented training programs which will enable them to earn a living in their hometown. Last year many organizations actively reached out to such vulnerable migrant labours.

Here are a few organizations that have taken it upon themselves and are making a difference in the lives of vulnerable migrants:

PanIIT – PanIIT Alumni Foundation, the Nation Building arm of Pan IIT Alumni, works towards providing various skill development programs to create opportunities for vulnerable migrant labor – They have market-led skill training programs designed for youth to secure living for their families. Apart from education, PanIIT gives assured placement and provides 100% skill loan financing which gives a sense of self-confidence to all the capable youth of our country.

Jobsgaar – Founded during the pandemic, Jobsgaar is a platform that aims to empower migrant workers by connecting them with the right employers in their cities. It is a multilingual platform that helps everyone to explore and connect in Hindi & Hinglish. So far it has helped over 6000 people amidst the pandemic.

Ajeevika Bureau – Ajeevika Bureau is a Udaipur-based NGO that provides job opportunities to the rural poor; especially migrant workers who move to cities in search of employment. Along with Skill development, NGOs also connect these workers with job providers and ensures that they don’t get exploited by their contractors. Workers have been issued with an identity card so that they have access to all government schemes and initiatives.

bmSAY Foundation – Founded by a husband-wife duo, bmSAY foundation is enabling underprivileged youth to obtain jobs through academic and skill development programs such as carpentry, plumbing, candle making, and sticking. Started with an aim to help individuals stand on their own feet and making it a reality. Over 100 individuals have started earning a living through their support. Their endeavour is focused on fighting the underlying causes of poverty and paving the way for communities to lead a good standard of life.

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