Luxury Appliances by Hafele

Luxury Appliances by HafeleHafele’s ASKO and Falmec Luxury Appliances are the perfect balance between state-of-the-art technology, elegance, and attention to detail. Falmec’s new Elements collection transcends the usual boundaries of aspiration, transforming the fundamental function regarding the quality of the environment and everyday life into a modular, innovative, multifunctional structure that is fully integrated into the kitchen. Attention to detail is what sets ASKO appliances apart. Be it design or functionality, a careful consideration to every detail in these appliances elevates the user experience and leaves a long-lasting impact. Ranging from Quattro Construction washing machines to the 8 SteelTM concept dishwashers and the Celsius Cooking system, ASKO appliances offer innovative solutions for a modern living.

Monolith is an element of the most precious design, conceived to cater for a range of needs in the most refined way. Its modern design is a handy channel equipped with a 90 cm cookerhood, that can also hold ladles, spices, knives, cutting boards and other tools, as well as electrical outlets and lends style and practicality to the kitchen. Designed for island kitchens, this system is also equipped with suffused light, lending an alluring suspended effect, while diffusing a pleasant beam of light in your kitchen.
Shelf cookerhood incorporates a very thin suction element in a shelf structure of only 100 mm thickness, equipped with a removable vane to increase smoke suction capacity. This element with hood function can be enhanced with additional modules to create a versatile hanging furniture system on the wall. Winner of the 2023 Germany Design award, this innovative cookerhood is the icon of concept, high quality of design, innovation, and accessibility.

Induction Hobs with Celsius° Cooking™ System

The Celsius° Cooking™ system integrated into the induction hobs by ASKO is a hands-on way to experience smart, connected technology in the kitchen. It’s built with Hestan Cue connected cookery technology and consists of a high-quality induction hob – an appliance that manages to be both highly advanced, and really user friendly – with electronically-linked pots and pans and a temperature probe. Via the pans and probe, you can measure cooking temperatures and the core temperature of the food, precisely. You can also control these, and exact timings, with real precision. The pans and probe communicate with the hob to allow you to read and control what’s happening with real precision, ensuring that the right level of heat is delivered at the right time. You can either set the temperatures and timings precisely yourself, use any of the hob’s pre-set cooking modes, or use the temperatures and timings in the companion app.
Style series laundry solution

The Style series encompasses the entire range of laundry care solutions which includes washing machines, tumble dryers, drying cabinets, and hidden helpers. These appliances have a full-size front panel made from a single piece of solid steel that surrounds the stylish horizontally brushed aluminium panel. The front panel, display and other visible components boast a perfect fit and finish and the full colour high-definition TFT display provides the best possible overview of the available functions and modes, without compromise. Laden with advanced technologies, the style series laundry solutions exude style, sophistication, and operational perfection.

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