Mapic India Shopping Centre and Retail Summit & Awards 2024 sets the stage for future trends and innovations in the retail sector

Mapic India Shopping Centre and Retail Summit & Awards  2024   sets the stage for future trends and innovations in the retail sector
(Left to Right these people 1.)Louis Coucke, Country Controller, H&M 2)Zorawar Kalra, Executive Director, Massive Restaurants Pvt. Ltd. 3)Sameer Manglani, Owner, Meena Bazaar official 4)Abhishek Bansal, Executive Director, @Pacific Malls 5)Neelendra Singh, MD, adidas India

New Delhi, April 26th, 2024Mapic India Shopping Centre and Retail Summit & Awards 2024 took place at the JW Marriott in New Delhi on 25 April 2024, marking a significant milestone in the field of retail thought leadership as it showcased the latest trends and innovations shaping the future of the retail industry.

India has a $2 trillion retail potential projected for the next decade. Mapic India Shopping Centre and Retail Summit & Awards 2024 aimed to delve into key strategies and innovative approaches needed to unlock this immense opportunity and thrive in the dynamic retail environment of the future, amidst rapid evolution driven by e-commerce, shifting consumer behaviors, and technological advancements.

Reflecting on the summit, Ashna Gemini Sharan, Portfolio Director, RX India said, “Amidst the vibrant exchange of ideas and insights at MAPIC India, we celebrate not just the trends and innovations shaping our industry but the collaborative spirit and community that fuel its evolution. Mapic India is  a forum where ideas collide, partnerships form and dreams take flight.”

In  the dynamic panel discussions held yesterday, industry leaders and retail experts convened to address the profound transformations occurring within the retail landscape. Against the backdrop of evolving consumer behaviors, technological advancements and the burgeoning Indian economy, the event shed light on the significant changes witnessed in the retail sector over the past five years.The summit also underscored the pivotal role of experiential retail in shaping customer engagement.

The Summit witnessed  participation from 500 + delegates, 50 + sponsors,  60 + speakers & 100 + retailers. The distinguished panel of speakers included Louis Coucke -Country Controller H&M,  Neelendra Singh-  MD Adidas India ,Sameer Manglani – Owner Meena Bazaar, Zorawar Kalra- Executive Director Massive Restaurants, Abhishek Bansal of Pacific Malls, Pushpa Bector, Senior Executive Director and Business Head, DLF Retail,Nirupa Shankar, Joint MD , Brigade Group, Siddharth Dungarwal -Founder, Harshil Salot, Founder, The Sleep Company, Sujata Biswas, Co-Founder, SUTA ,Ayushi Gudwani, Founder & CEO, FS Life (prev. FableStreet),Shibu Philips, Director, Shopping Malls, Lulu Group

The speakers  shared valuable insights and perspectives on navigating the challenges and seizing the opportunities in today’s retail landscape. With discussions ranging from the empowerment of retail through Make in India initiatives to the competitive dynamics between global  and domestic heroes, the event provided a comprehensive overview of the strategies and innovations driving the future of retail.

The Mapic India Shopping Centre AwardsIndia‘s premier accolade program dedicated to the shopping center industry, honored excellence in 40 + categories, recognizing outstanding achievements that shape the landscape of the industry. The awards recognized outstanding achievements that shape the landscape of the industry. ( Awardee List Attached )

In the diverse and ever-evolving landscape of retail in India, we witness a convergence of tradition and modernity, innovation and heritage. From bustling marketplaces to state-of-the-art malls, the retail sector in India is a tapestry of experiences, catering to the diverse needs and aspirations of millions.

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