Meet India’s Youngest Millionaire Ankit Yadav Global Fund Manager, Famous For Economic Predictions

Ankit YadavAnkit Yadav, Wealth Manager (USA), This familiar name is buzzing all around the globe right now. But why?

You may be wandering around. The answer’s due to Ankit’s outrageous economic predictions, which will blow your mind like all the pandits & experts. The unorthodox way of predicting the outcome makes Ankit New Oracle from India in Globe. Right Now According to Chronicle, Ankit Yadav is the youngest millionaire in India as well as one of the highest taxpayers in the country.

The inspiring story of the Oracle of the Stock Market, Ankit

Ankit comes from a very small city known as Bhilai, situated in Chattisgarh State. Coming from a very middle-class family, today Ankit’s name & fame roaming around the globe. Initially, Ankit started his journey in the stock market with only Rs. 5,000 in hand.

He buys a few stocks & then starts focusing on his studies at college. At the start, he found it very hard to settle his feet in the stock market when he watch his portfolio, almost 70% wealth crashed. But Ankit doesn’t sell at that time & stock on market.

One day when he is pursuing his MBA in finance, he decides to watch his portfolio again, and this time he feels surprised because he makes impunity gains. At that time Ankit decides to give his full life to the stock market & today he is in history already.

Famous Economic Predictions of Ankit Wealth Manager

Ankit found the limelight when he predict the rise of Tesla he went indeed right. Ankit never stops here He then predicted the rise of Crude Oil in the Globe & predict petrol prices will shake over Rs 100 in India. Notably, he is the only economist in India to have predicted that. Ankit also predicted the rise of global Inflation. Today he again went right, Today Inflation is at a 40-year high.

Ankit is someone who also predicted the crash of crypto.

Ankit in 2020 said, “Bitcoin is rising artificially & soon it will crash up to an extent of 50–80%.” Later on, again the same thing happened & he gets lots of appreciation from global agencies & companies & banks like JP Morgan & Goldman.

The name of Ankit is ringing around the globe like meteior shower’s & anyone who is linked to the Stock market started taking Ankit’s words very seriously.

From Rolls Royce to Mercedes Ankit Luxury Car collection

Away from social media, very few know that Ankit has plenty of car collections in his empire. He is watched roaming in his hometown in a variety of cars. Reports suggest Ankit likes German cars very much, & he has a car collection of Rolls Royce, Audi, BMW Mercedes, MG Hector, Skoda, etc. However, Ankit kept his personal life very unrevealed.

Ankit Is Seen With Very Costly Italian Outfit Which Cost In Lakhs

In Several Airport Look, Ankit Is Seen In Wearing Very Costliest Outfits From Italy. In His Instagram Post One Can See Him In Various Luxury Italian Designs Like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada, Burberry, Palm Angles, D Squared 2 , Versace, Balmain Paris Dolce And Gabbana Etc

This Outfit’s Generally Cost And Start Over With Rs. 50000/-

He Has A Very Big Italian Collection. The Millionaires’ Wealth Manager Never Fell Shy To Reflect His Outfits

Ankit Becoming An Inspiration For Youth

From Starting With Rs. 5000 & Coming From A Small Town To Achieving Various Awards & Becoming India’s Youngest Millionaires From Stock Market & Fame Global Fund Manager Which Every Company Wants To Meet And Greet. Ankit Is Setting The Perfect Example for Youth Today. What If They Have Hope And Discipline In Their Approach. Then Nobody Can Stop Them From Achieving Their Dream. If You Have a Passion To Fly Then Nobody Can Cut Your Wings. Just Go Ahead.

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