MENA Fintech Association (MFTA) establishes Qatar Committee and appoints Gaurav Sachddeva as Co-Chair

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Dubai – UAE, 04 June 2024. The MENA Fintech Association, the premier not-for-profit organization dedicated to serving fintech startups and established players across the Middle East and Africa, is excited to announce the establishment of its Qatar Committee. In a significant milestone, Gaurav Sachddeva has been appointed as the Co-Chair of this working group, which aims to empower and support the fintech ecosystem in Qatar.

Founded in 2018, the MENA Fintech Association has earned recognition as one of the top 4 fintech groups globally. With a strong presence in the Middle East and Africa, the association has been at the forefront of driving innovation and fostering collaboration in the fintech industry.

The newly formed Qatar Committee will play a pivotal role in facilitating meaningful engagements among fintech professionals and stakeholders, enabling them to delve into critical discussions surrounding key topics. These discussions encompass crucial areas such as digital transformation, e-commerce and payments, policy and regulation, cybersecurity, and the future of finance.

The Qatar Fintech industry stands out in several remarkable ways. It showcases a commitment to innovation by promoting a robust regulatory environment, fostering an entrepreneurial ecosystem, and supporting cutting-edge advancements in digital finance. In the rapidly evolving financial landscape, Qatar remains a hub of investment and growth, with numerous fintech startups making significant strides in 2022 and beyond.

Functioning as a vital bridge between Qatar and the broader MENA region, the committee aims to foster collaboration, facilitate the exchange of common use cases, and propel industry advancements at the regional level. By leveraging the expertise and diverse experiences of its members, the committee seeks to amplify the growth and potential of the Qatari fintech ecosystem.

Nameer Khan, Chairman of the MENA Fintech Association, expressed his enthusiasm for the establishment of the Qatar Committee, saying, “We are excited to see the vibrant fintech ecosystem in Qatar join our esteemed group. Qatar’s commitment to innovation and regulatory excellence makes it a key player in the region’s fintech landscape. Despite the progress, many opportunities for engagement and collaboration remain untapped. I am thrilled to announce the appointment of Gaurav Sachddeva, a distinguished leader in the fintech and payment industry, to spearhead the activation and growth of our network in Qatar. Gaurav will work closely with local associations and fintechs eager to join our initiatives, fostering strong partnerships and expanding our collective impact.”

Gaurav, Co-Founder & CEO of The Founders Majlis, and newly appointed Co-Chair Qatar at the MENA Fintech Association, commented: “I’m truly honored to join the MENA Fintech Association as Co-Chair for Qatar. Being part of the fintech world has shown me how powerful innovative financial solutions can be. At The Founders Majlis and now with MFTA, our goal is to support entrepreneurs, policymakers, investors, and banks to work together and create a better future for finance. I’m excited to help grow the fintech community in Qatar and the MENA region, bringing in fresh ideas and technologies to shape the future”.

Through the Qatar Committee, the MENA Fintech Association is committed to supporting Qatari fintechs and facilitating close collaboration with peers, financial institutions, regulators, and investors. Leveraging its vast network and resources, the association aims to empower fintech entrepreneurship, drive innovation, and foster sustainable growth within Qatar and the broader MENA region.

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