Money20/20’s TwentyFold Fintech Intelligence Platform Makes Asian Debut at Money20/20 Asia


BANGKOK, THAILAND –  30 April 2024 – TwentyFold, the fintech intelligence platform from Money20/20 is expanding its global reach with a launch at Money20/20 Asia in Bangkok. Following a successful Early Access launch exclusively for Money20/20 USA customers, TwentyFold is now available to the Asian fintech and investment community. This platform offers comprehensive data and insights to drive smarter dealmaking and partnerships.

TwentyFold is a Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) platform designed to help fintech professionals make informed investment and partnership decisions. It offers the widest and deepest source of fintech startup information globally, currently boasting over 65,000 fintechs, enabling users to:

Discover promising startups through our laser-sharp Fintech Taxonomy. Refine searches by business model, funding stage, current investors, and other key criteria.

Identify partnership opportunities: Explore partnership data to find the perfect match for strategic alliances.

Streamline due diligence: Access detailed company profiles, including founders, funding history, technology stack, and more.

“The Asian fintech landscape is vast and rapidly evolving. TwentyFold empowers investors and fintechs to navigate this market effectively, unlocking impactful opportunities,” said Jurgen van Leeuwen, TwentyFold’s Vice President of digital intelligence.

Powered by Money20/20’s proprietary fintech taxonomy and augmented by AI, TwentyFold ensures exceptional data provenance & accuracy, depth, and ease of use. Its intuitive search functionality and AI conversation feature ‘Fin’ deliver a seamless user experience.

Twentyfold currently includes over 65,000 fintechs and over 22,000 fintech investors globally, and thousands of fintechs and investors are added weekly. Almost 15,000 Asian fintech startups and close to 5,500 investors based in Asia are listed in Twentyfold, meeting the needs of the expansive startup investment market in Asia.

“Investors seeking to capitalise on Asia’s fintech growth need sophisticated tools to gain a strategic advantage. TwentyFold delivers refined data analysis and market intelligence to support robust decision-making,” said William Mellis, Chief Strategy Officer at Ascential Futures, Money20/20’s parent company.

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