More Women Professionals Diversify Investment Portfolios in Mutual funds and Real Estate for Quality Returns

Kolkata:  A shift of gear in investment patterns among women is on the rise based on their financial goals, risk tolerance, and personal preferences. However, women are now interested in investing majorly in stocks, mutual funds and real estate as compared to gold and fixed deposits in terms of secured investment.

According to a recent report by Association of Mutual Funds in India data, curated by CRISIL, women’s share in industry assets has expanded from 15% in March 2017 to nearly 21% as of December 2023. This is because almost 50 percent of women investors fall in the 25-44 years age group, versus around 45 percent for the overall set of individual investors. While 30 – 38 percent of working women in 16 states including Bengal invest in mutual funds.

Meanwhile, there is also a marked increase among women making real estate investments, including buying properties for rental income or capital appreciation. According to a recent survey by Anarock Realty Consultant, 23 women out of 100 people are homebuyers. The number has risen from 18 in the previous survey. Moreover, as per CIBIL, women borrowers will grow at 19 percent CAGR in the next five years.

Mr B.P Singha Roy, COO of Keventer Realty said, “As the professional landscape continues to evolve, so too does the role of women, with their growing presence in the workforce and increasing financial independence, women are emerging as a powerful force in the real estate market. At Keventer Realty, we recognise and celebrate the rise of the woman power, not only the homemaker but also the new class of homebuyers, making informed decisions and fulfilling their dreams.”

Incidentally, a whopping 33 percent of working women are keen on investing in gold, which is a traditional format relied on by them.

Surupa Purakayastha co-owner of Tamarind, “Now Indian women are changing the investment landscape by investing in real estate and mutual funds thereby moving beyond traditional gold investments and paving the way for entrepreneurship. I believe the increasing participation of women in MFs is a testament to their growing economic empowerment and greater financial literacy.

Senior Analyst at HSBC, Soumya Ghosh Banerjee said, “It is true that women are still not sure of investment and change can be witnessed. I have invested in a couple of mutual funds to start with. This is because there is now more clarity and there are digital options that are helping women to understand the factors of mutual funds investment.”

“This is a positive change among women, who are now actively diversifying the investment scenario. Women who invest are better able to plan for a secure retirement, create a safety net, and meet their financial objectives,” said Poulami Pramanik, Co-founder, and Creative Head at Chitra’s.

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