Nandini Hosts Free Cancer Detection Camp in Kolkata to Promote Joy, Empowerment and Mental Well-being for Women

Nandini Hosts Free Cancer Detection Camp in Kolkata to Promote Joy, Empowerment and Mental Well-being for WomenKolkata, 10th June 2024: Nandini, in association with Pinnacle Candid Communication, organised a free cancer detection camp for approximately 150 women on Sunday, 9th June 2024 at Sarvottam Banquet Hall. This event featured expert doctors like Dr. Chiranjit Ghosh, Dr. Rajib Singha, Dr. Avik Mondal, Dr. Sayantan Mukherjee, Dr. Soumen Das and Dr. Deepjoy Sahu from Binayak Hospital, who provided essential screenings and consultations.

The event focused on Joy, Happiness and Empowerment, emphasising mental well-being and mindfulness to foster a supportive and positive environment. Alongside critical cancer screenings and consultations, the camp addressed psychological health, encouraging participants to prioritise their mental and emotional well-being. Women diagnosed with cancer at the camp will benefit from a 50% discount on treatment costs, provided after consultation with the event’s associates. This initiative aims to promote early cancer detection and reduce the financial burden of treatment, making healthcare more accessible for those in need.

The evening commenced with heartfelt acknowledgments and tributes to remarkable individuals dedicated to various causes. The event was graced by chief guests Dr. Avinash Dutt Sharma, a distinguished neurosurgeon from Apollo Hospital and Mandeep Mishra, an esteemed mentor across all IITs and IIMs. Other notable guests included Sanjay Chatterjee, the visionary founder of IT and a distinguished entrepreneur and Anish Chatterjee, the esteemed Chairman of SEECOM Group, whose presence added to the grandeur of the event.

The event served as a platform to celebrate the remarkable achievements of several outstanding women:

– Dr. Swati Nandy Chakrabarty, recognised for her tireless environmental advocacy.

– Ranjita Sinha, applauded for her unwavering commitment to social activism.

– Soma Adhikari, commended for her dedicated work with specially-abled children.

– Supriya Roychowdhury, esteemed for her contributions as an educationist.

– Bharati Dey, revered for her impactful social activism.

– Luna Chatterjee, acknowledged as an influential voice in society.

– Satarupa Sarnal, celebrated for her dual roles as a film director and social activist.

– Dr. Arti Sardar, esteemed for her expertise as a cosmetic surgeon.

– Dr. Moitree Ghosh, honoured for her significant role in higher education and administration.

– Priyanka Chowdhury, applauded for her versatile talents as a model, actress, and sports personality.

Ananya De, Organiser, Nandini and the visionary behind the event, shared her thoughts by stating, “This initiative is about more than just cancer detection; it’s about bringing joy, happiness and empowerment to our community. Our goal is to support and uplift women, providing them with the care and resources needed for a happy and healthy life. By offering these screenings and consultations, we hope to foster early detection and timely intervention, which are crucial in the fight against cancer. Moreover, we aim to raise awareness about the importance of mental well-being and mindfulness, emphasising that a holistic approach to health is vital. This camp is a step towards building a community where women feel empowered, informed and cared for, ensuring they have access to the necessary tools to maintain their well-being. Furthermore, we aim to honour and recognise the resilience and achievements of the women who are the true champions of our society, acknowledging their unwavering strength and determination in overcoming challenges and making significant contributions to their communities.”

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