Natch Renews Commitment to Sustainability with Expanded Plastic-Neutral Initiative

Natch Renews Commitment to Sustainability with Expanded Plastic-Neutral InitiativeMumbai, India April 22, 2024: As we commemorate World Earth Day, let’s take a moment to reflect on our impact on the planet and how we can make a positive change. One simple yet impactful way to contribute to a greener future is by embracing sustainable practices in our daily lives, starting with what we consume and how it’s packaged. Natch Snacks, the brand known for delighting our taste buds with delicious and nutritious snacks, is ramping up its dedication to sustainability. It’s year-long enhanced collaboration with Recircle, a top waste management organisation, is making a significant environmental and social difference. Get ready for even more eco-friendly and socially responsible snacks from Natch Snacks!

Natch is proud to announce its sponsorship of Recircles’ monthly plastic-neutral drive. Through this initiative, they will be collecting plastic waste directly from households, effectively diverting it from landfills and waterways. However, the commitment goes beyond just waste management. They are dedicated to empowering waste picker communities by guaranteeing fair wages, enhancing working conditions, and providing access to valuable skill development programs.

Natch will be sponsoring Recircle’s monthly plastic-neutral drive. They will be collecting plastic waste directly from households and diverting it from landfills and waterways. But that’s not all! This initiative also empowers waste picker communities by ensuring fair wages, improved working conditions, and access to valuable skill development programs.

“At Natch, we believe that taking care of our bodies and the planet go hand in hand,” says Matthew Taff, founder of Natch Snacks. “Our partnership with Recircle allows us to make a tangible difference by supporting responsible waste management practices and the communities that work tirelessly to manage it.”

Staying true to its promise, Natch Snacks promises a wholesome and delicious snacking experience. Made from nutrient-rich chickpeas, Natch Snacks chips and puffs are the perfect option for a guilt-free treat packed with protein and fibre. Unlike your traditional snacks, the chickpea puffs and chips are a healthier alternative providing sustained energy and satisfying crunch without compromising on the flavour. Not just this, the chickpea puffs and chips are good for the environment as well. Using minimal water to grow, chickpeas release the nitrates back into the earth, nourishing the soil- talk about being an all-rounder!

Natch’s unwavering commitment to plastic neutrality perfectly aligns with Recircle’s mission of creating a better and more sustainable future for all. By diverting low-value plastic away from landfills and water bodies, this program will have a significant and far-reaching positive impact on the environment, society, and governance (ESG) landscape and promote responsible waste management practices throughout India.

Natch is not only taking a step towards creating a more sustainable future but also reflecting its core values of promoting healthy choices that extend beyond individual well-being. So, next time you munch on a Natch snack, know that you are not only nourishing your body but also contributing to a better world!

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