Navee GPT: Redefining Brand Security with Automatic Counterfeit Moderation

Navee GPT

Paris, April 17th, 2024, Navee, a leading player in the fight against online counterfeit, announces the launch of Navee GPT, a revolutionary technology that enables automatic moderation of high risk counterfeit listings, 24/7, 365 days a year.

If counterfeit production were a country, it would be the sixth largest emitter of CO2 globally, with devastating consequences for the environment, society, and economy. In light of this urgent challenge, Navee is taking the lead with the launch of Navee GPT, a large-scale language model (LLM) that takes the fight against counterfeiting even further.

This new technological advance complements Navee’s earlier innovation, the CVAN (Collaborative Visual Authentication Network). Result of collaboration between brands and platforms, CVAN blocks counterfeits, at upload, across the platforms using semi-exact image matching and insights sharing, allowing them to proactively fight counterfeits. Navee GPT further reinforces this technology by using AI to analyze and tackle high risk listings that may have slipped past CVAN. This new multimodal LLM aims to help brands and platforms double their listing moderation and cut average processing time by up to 10 times.

Increased and automated processing capacity

With the integration of Navee GPT, the initial moderation capacity could multiply fivefold or even tenfold, enabling the processing of up to 15,000 counterfeit cases per month per customer to be processed. This allows Navee to empower their partners and customers to triple the efficiency of their analyst teams.
The system quickly identifies and evaluates suspicious content, and when combined with CVAN, it can automatically reduce counterfeiting by up to 90% without human intervention. This technological breakthrough provides prompt and precise feedback while helping brands trim operational costs, making it an indispensable tool for organizations seeking to streamline their content moderation processes and improve overall performance.

Human precision and uninterrupted moderation

Navee GPT uses its powerful algorithm to assess the risk level of each listing, pre-moderating high-risk content not addressed by CVAN. Trained using a structured and moderated guide, reinforced by Navee’s moderation history, its accuracy rivals that of human moderators. The solution operates continuously 24/7, facilitating large-scale, high-quality moderation.

A step towards market balance

Navee’s aim is not to do away with human moderation, but to improve its accuracy and efficiency. Given the ease and speed with which counterfeit listings are uploaded and spread, automation is essential for efficient detection and management. The startup aims to balance the market against counterfeiters exploiting the internet’s susceptibility to fake content creation.

Matteo Amerio, co-founder and CEO of Navee, comments: “Today, it’s much easier to create thousands of counterfeit listings than to detect a single one. The cost of identifying a counterfeit product is now higher than the cost of listing it online. This is where our solution shines. By further automating moderation, we empower companies to remove counterfeit content even more effectively.”

Navee GPT takes moderation to new heights of speed, efficiency and precision. With 99% accuracy, this incredibly revolutionary solution brings the world a little closer to counterfeit-free every day.

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