Over 50% of the population don’t have access to the Organic Tableware: Survey

Over 50% of the population don’t have access to the Organic Tableware: Survey

To do good, you actually have to do something.” Thereupon we get to the importance of nature and therefore the drastic effects of plastics on our surroundings. It’s been our greatest concern that plastics have led the environment into an absurd state of commotion. Through various surveys, it’s been noticed that the quantity of plastics has made an exemplary urge of pollution and retainment towards cleanliness. An incline towards the usage of organic materials is seen for a while.

In an online survey, it’s been found that over 50 percent of the Indian population, including those from urban areas, have started using organic tableware even in their households. The survey revealed that almost 56 percent of the households have access to organic tableware whereas 36 percent of them still don’t have the way to the organic utilities in their neighbourhoods.

In Mumbai, 59 percent of households have access to organic tablewares, but only 23 percent of the households are still at the barge.

In West Bengal, 30 percent of the households have no access to organic tableware as compared to the households having the access to organic tableware. These surveys show us the important circumstances of the assembly into organic utilities for the general public. Therefore, it doesn’t cause the only conditions of the environment. While 60 percent of the population holds access to organic tableware and the rest are all going as per the Traditional methods of tableware, Prakritii Cultivating Green showcases a wide range of tableware for the generation to modify towards nature’s way and make Our Mother Earth clean and green.

Furthermore, the surveys predict the acute urge for the change within the production of the tableware and see an incline towards the usage of organic variables available within the market.

Commenting on the survey, Vaibhav Jaiswal & Amardeep Bardhan, Co-Founders of Prakritii Cultivating Green said in a statement, “The major challenge is the lack of knowledge towards organic tableware which remains to lie in between the general public. For over centuries people have been using plastics which have led the environment to get worse. Our range of tableware gives an implies of unification alongside eco-friendly production. Our Mother Earth needs 0% toxicity and 100% reliability in terms of tableware for the people as well as the environment.”

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