Pacific Mall Dehradun Brings the Fourth Edition of “Pacific ki Paathshala” Summer Camp

Pacific Mall Dehradun Brings the Fourth Edition of “Pacific ki Paathshala” Summer Camp

Dehradun, 24th May 2024: Pacific Mall Dehradun proudly presents the fourth edition of the “Pacific ki Paathshala” summer camp, offering various exciting activities for kids. Already running successfully from May 17th, 2024, the summer camp will last until May 26th, 2024, and has witnessed the engagement of approximately 850 participants till date. The attraction of this summer camp features a dedicated activity area for kids and a role-play centre comprising a police station, hospital, fossil excavation site, paint wall, and daily crafts workshop, where kids can indulge in interactive activities.

This year, the mall adds another attractive element, the city’s exclusive human claw installation, enhancing the allure of the summer camp. The kids are strapped into a harness, lifted in the air, and lowered into a prize bin. They can enjoy the fun of grabbing as many bags of snacks and toys as possible before being pulled up back again. The feature is only accessible to patrons who have shopped for Rs. 10,000 or above.

Abhishek Bansal, Executive Director of Pacific Group, expressed, “The “Pacific ki Paathshala Chapter 4” continues to be a resounding success for us. Through our various engaging activities and the first human claw installation at this summer camp, we have witnessed an unmatched excitement among the kids and patrons visiting the mall. We look forward to curating more such moments of happiness for our visitors.”

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