Pamela Pal Das: A mother of two, A socialite & A beneficent philanthropist

Pamela Pal Das: A mother of two, A socialite & A beneficent philanthropist

Pamela Pal Das is a renowed name in the fashion and beauty industry worldwide. She has grabbed numerous titles and has been featured in various covers. She has also stepped forward for innumerable social causes.

She received the “Green Puja Award” as the Brand Ambassador of the Lion’s Club Kolkata. She had been titled Mrs.India Queen of Substance 2021, Mrs. Compassionate 2021, Face of the East, Mrs. Elite India United Nations and many more. Besides, she has also judged multiple beauty pageants. She was a jury member in the Bengal Diva Queen Beauty contest and also judged festivals during Durga Puja organised by prominent Puja organizers.

Apart from the beauty titles, she has also won some significant awards. She received the “Jaya Bijaya Sarbojaya Award”, the “Pride of Bengal Award 2021” by legendary singer Altaf Raja. She was also honored by the” Women Achiever’s Award 2021” presented by International Queens Club. She also received the “Narayani Namastute” felicitation by Mrs. Arundhati Majumdar and Mithuu Oieshikk on the occasion of Narayani Namastute Samman in the Kolkata Rajbari. She was a speaker in a Literary Festival where she spoke about The Evolution in the World of Fashion.

She is also widely known for her numerous humanitarian contributions. She has earlier worked closely with the Lion’s Club of Kolkata for the Project “Nanhi Paree” where she along with the few other members of the club visited a government hospital‘s maternity ward and spread a word on the basic healthcare practices while taking care of a new-born. The drive also congratulated new mothers with special hampers. She also worked for the Shalom old age home with the United Nation’s title and crown on. Another notable social cause that she was a part of was the Clothes Distribution drive with Mr. Kalyan Banerjee, Member of Parliament, which took place in his constituency.

Pamela has worked tirelessly all her life to make a name for herself, globally. She has always put the benefit of her achievements & fame to good use while contributing every bit of it to the society’s goodwill and aspires to keep doing so.

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