Passion is what makes life worth living

Passion is what makes life worth living

It doesn’t matter what profession you are in, but you should never let go the flame of your passion from your heart. It is because your profession may fulfill your financial needs, but it cannot give you the inner satisfaction for your mental peace. Azad Jain has been working as a civil engineering design consultant for the past 30 years and now has made a distinct identity as a Method Artist in the film industry. Although Azad was away from the cinema for a very long time, he never let go of his passion for acting and film.

Discovered creation in the world of construction

Being a design consultant, Azad never lacked creativity and used it to fulfil his childhood dream. In his profession, he got to meet various people with different personalities and studied them with his cinematic perspectives. With his keen understanding, he tried to study the characters he met in those meetings. From high officials to laborers, Azad studied every one of them and kept them in his mind all along the way.

Lived cinema in his everyday life

Azad, who entered the film world just two years ago, received many National and International Awards for his many short films. He gave credits for his achievements to all those memorable moments of his life which never let the artist die inside him. According to him, “This was made possible because of my passion. I tried to incorporate my fascination for reel life into my real life as I struggled to keep my passion for cinema in my heart. Right from experiencing life with a sense of childishness and innocence as a child to understanding life and its hardships of a common taxi driver, I tried to connect my inner artist to the real world whenever I had the chance.

Set examples with continuous efforts

Azad believes that passion is what makes our life worth living and we should always put our efforts to keep our passion alive instead of running behind it. In the meantime, he watched and studied numerous films in different languages and played the role of a critic. He studied them from the perspective of an actor and filmmaker and became an example for those people who left their passion behind to participate in the race of living a life.

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