Persistent Transforms Enterprise Data Management with iAURA, a Portfolio of AI-Powered Data Solutions

May 7, 2024 Santa Clara, CA and Pune, India:

Persistent Systems (BSE and NSE: PERSISTENT), a global Digital Engineering and Enterprise Modernization leader, announced the launch of Persistent iAURA, a suite of AI-powered data solutions engineered to catalyze business growth. iAURA empowers businesses with seamless deployment and precision in addressing data challenges for AI implementations. The solutions harness AI and ML to uncover hidden patterns, enabling data-driven decision-making, enhanced business intelligence, and automated data quality assurance and reconciliation.

In today’s data-driven world, businesses face challenges in handling large amounts of data while ensuring quality, governance, and cost control, often requiring specialized technical expertise. These challenges hinder strategic decision-making and impede growth, especially with the rise of AI, which requires access and integration of large amounts of high-quality data. As businesses aim to utilize AI, they face obstacles in utilizing data, including extracting actionable insights, ensuring quality, and automating migration processes. iAURA offers tailored solutions, expediting the transition to AI-driven enterprises, providing a comprehensive approach from data ingestion to insights using analytics and accelerators.

The AI-first solutions for complete enterprise data management in the iAURA portfolio include:

  • iAURA Insights empowers teams to talk to their data in natural language and get relevant business insights.
  • iAURA Migrate automates and accelerates migration and modernization of data technologies using GenAI-enabled tools. It is a comprehensive suite of solutions that spans across Business Intelligence, ETL, Data Warehouse, among others.
  • iAURA Data Ops ensures AI-driven data quality, data reconciliation, and data freshness.
  • iAURA Platforms aid clients in managing tool choice, governance, security, and cost through data and AI platform services.

In initial engagements, the benefits of iAURA have been substantial. With iAURA Insights, Persistent developed virtual agents driven by GenAI to seamlessly guide users on a step-by-step journey from business requirements to proposals. This enabled a leading pharmaceutical company to accelerate proposal response time by 90%.

iAURA is compatible with all major hyperscaler platforms and all leading LLM providers, giving clients the flexibility to deploy on their preferred choice of technologies. By combining advanced software solutions, robust platform capability, and deep implementation expertise, iAURA provides clients with unparalleled agility in deployment models. It integrates Persistent’s IP as accelerators and APIs, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance.

Bidish Sarkar, Senior Vice President – Data and Analytics, Persistent:

“We’re excited to introduce iAURA, a cutting-edge suite of AI-powered data solutions engineered to propel business growth. iAURA optimizes enterprise data management, accelerating the transformation from data ingestion to actionable insights. This enhancement empowers enterprises to expedite their decision-making, time to market, and accelerates the journey to scale GenAI use cases.”

Nandini Tare, Associate Practice Lead, Digital Engineering, HFS Research:

“Data plays a critical role in GenAI solutions, accessing enterprise data and driving insights from it is one of the challenges that organizations face in today’s fast paced technology landscape. Persistent’s iAURA, unlocks the true potential of data. It drives growth by empowering organizations to make informed data driven decisions. Its seamless integration and compatibility with all hyperscalers bring flexibility of infrastructure and the ability to contextualize and visualize data accelerates insights for better decision making. The iAURA suite of solutions truly brings a strong proposition that transforms enterprise data into valuable outcomes.”

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