Planck Confirms Participation in World Economic Forum, 2024: A Leap Towards Sustainable Digital Infrastructures

16th January, 2023, New Delhi

Planck, a rapidly advancing startup specializing in Sustainable Edge Data Centers, proudly announces its participation confirmation at the 54th Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, from January 16th to January 18th, 2024.

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The World Economic Forum serves as a global and non-profit platform, fostering meaningful connections among stakeholders to cultivate trust and develop initiatives for a brighter future. This year’s Annual Meeting will spotlight the core principles underpinning trust: transparency, consistency, and accountability. Attended by over 100 governments worldwide, major international organizations, the Forum’s 1000 Partner companies, civil society leaders, experts, young innovators, social entrepreneurs, and the media, this event promises invaluable exchanges and collaborations.

As pioneers in Sustainable Edge Data Centers, our excitement knows no bounds as we prepare to contribute to this esteemed global collaboration. This opportunity aligns perfectly with our ethos of innovation and sustainability,” remarked Ashher Zafar, CEO and technical Co-Founder of PlanckDOT.

“Planck’s early successes in the Data Center Segment uniquely position us to foster promising and sustainable collaborations at the World Economic Forum. We eagerly anticipate engaging with global leaders, experts, and stakeholders, leveraging our commitment to sustainable technology solutions that redefine the digital infrastructure landscape. –Ali Ahmed Saleem, CFO & Co-Founder, PlanckDOT.

“During the World Economic Forum, our focus lies in pioneering collaborations and research to revolutionize the data center sector,”stated Ali Ahmed Saleem,CFO & Co-founder of Planckdot. Concomitantly, as we establish nationwide data centers, Planck is committed to spearheading a novel series of edge data centers. These innovations strive to effectively fulfill a substantial portion of energy requirements through sustainable on-site solutions.”

Planck is elated to participate in this global initiative, considering it a validation of their commitment to sustainable digital infrastructures while driving technological progress for the greater good of humanity. With one of the youngest co-founders of a profitable startup among their team, they proudly join this esteemed event, reinforcing their dedication to promoting sustainability within the Data Center Segment.

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