Pongal Offerings At Madras Pavilion, ITC Grand Chola

Dedicated to the city of Chennai, which was once called Madras, Madras Pavilion, this semi-formal restaurant at ITC Grand Chola features an eclectic buffet landscape offering a wide repertoire of Indian and international cuisine at breakfast, lunch & dinner with an option of a la carte showcasing signatures of the Pavilion & epicurean delights from across the world brought to you by our masterful chefs.

Embrace the harvest season and year of prosperity in a culinary extravaganza at ITC Grand Chola. Revel in the joyous season with tantalizing dishes and delectable delights meticulously prepared for your dining pleasure.


Black gram, tossed with fresh coconut, mustard and chilly, tempered with curry leaves

Vazhaipoo Vada:

Deep fried dumpling made with banana flower, mustard seeds, curries leaf and chopped onion
Banana chips

Hot Buffet

Vadai More Kozhambu:

Black gram dumplings, simmered in a curry made with thickened tempered butter milk

Vazhakai Varuval:

Raw banana tossed with spices and tempered with mustard seed, and curry leaf

Kai Kari Talip:

Seasonal vegetables tossed with mustard seeds, curry leaf and fresh coconut

Poosnikai Kootu:

White pumpkin simmered with lentils and tempered with fresh curry leaves and dry red chillies

Parappu Payasam:

A dessert made with chana dal and jaggery cooked together with cahewnut and golden raisins

Celebrate the bounty of the harvest festival with traditional and authentic Pongal delicacies such as Ven Pongal, Kara Pongal among others.


Ven Pongal:

A savoury preparation of rice and moong dal tempered with cumin seeds and curry leaf

Kara Pongal:

Ponni rice and arhar lentil, tempered with mixed vegetable, onion and tomato in desi ghee

Shakarai Pongal:

A preparation of rice and moong dal cooked unanimously with sweetening of jaggery and a tempering of mixed dry fruits and coconut

Aval Pongal:

Pressed rice sweetened with sugar and tempered with a mixture of premium dry fruits

Pongal-O-Pongal on 15th January, 2024:

Brunch Buffet from 12.30 pm to 3.30 pm.

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