POSSPOLE and Paris Saclay Hardware Accelerator (PSHA) Join Forces to Drive Global Innovation for a better future

Bengaluru, Karnataka, June 7, 2024: Posspole Private Limited, a dynamic ecosystem for Hi-Tech products, market access, and manufacturing and Paris Saclay Hardware Accelerator (PSHA) are excited to announce the formalization of a strategic alliance, which is a momentous step that has the potential to completely change the worldwide innovation environment. The Paris Agreement represents a common commitment to leading the way in human-centered technology, promoting sustainability, and benefiting mankind worldwide. POSSPOLE and PSHA’s historic partnership is expected to transform several prominent industries, including health, mobility, telecom, energy, aerospace, defense, food and agriculture.

By utilizing the potential of cutting-edge research and technology, these industries hope to be redefined and move toward a sustainable and inventive future. The creation of two key technology and manufacturing hubs the Posspole, Bengaluru in Karnataka, India, and the Paris Saclay Hardware Accelerator (PSHA) in Paris, France is essential to the vision. These hubs will act as key nodes in our network of collaboration, encouraging entrepreneurship and making it easier to move from ground-breaking ideas to prototype development to full-scale commercial production and access to international markets.

“At POSSPOLE, we believe that innovation thrives at the intersection of purpose and collaboration. Our partnership with the Paris Saclay Hardware Accelerator represents a significant step towards harnessing global expertise to create sustainable solutions for the future. Together, we are committed to driving meaningful progress, fostering entrepreneurship, and making a tangible impact on industries and communities worldwide. We are excited to embark on this journey of collective ingenuity and transformative innovation.” Stated Kiran Rurdappa, CEO and Co-founder of Posspole

“We extend our deepest gratitude to our dedicated teams and stakeholders whose unwavering support has made this partnership possible, we are dedicated to transforming our common goals and beliefs into significant inventions that have the potential to significantly improve society all around the world.” stated Alain Moinat, President and CEO of Paris Saclay Hardware Accelerator.

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