Post Budget Reaction – Healthcare

Pritika Singh – CEO at Prayag hospitals Group...

Ms Pritika Singh, CEO at Prayag Hospitals Group, says, “I applaud the forward-looking initiatives in the new budget. Extending the benefits of Ayushman Bharat to ASHA and Anganwadi workers demonstrates a commitment to comprehensive healthcare. The government’s focus on promoting vaccination for girls aged 9-14 to prevent cervical cancer is a crucial step towards a healthier future. The plan to establish more medical colleges further strengthens our healthcare infrastructure, ensuring a brighter and healthier tomorrow for all. These visionary measures underscore the collective responsibility towards building a resilient and inclusive healthcare ecosystem for the nation’s well-being.”

Mr. Naresh Ahuja, Founder and CEO at SMS Scientific Pvt Ltd. (1)

Naresh Ahuja, Founder, SMS Scientific Products Pvt Ltd, says, “I commend the government’s visionary approach in the budget, foreseeing five years of unprecedented development. The emphasis on comprehensive ‘governance, development, performance’ reflects a commitment to progress. The budget’s focus on establishing more medical colleges is promising, anticipating a new generation of doctors who embody inclusivity and prioritize effective patient-doctor communication. This progressive budget sets the stage for transformative growth and a healthier, more connected future for our nation.”

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