Power Gummies expands its portfolio, launches ‘That Time of The Month’ Gummies

Power Gummies expands its portfolio, launches ‘That Time of The Month’ Gummies

Revolutionising the way women manage menstrual health, dietary supplement brand, Power Gummies, has announced the launch of a unique variant of its popular gummies – ‘That Time of The Month Gummies’. Aimed at encouraging women to take care of their menstrual and hormonal health, the curated PMS Gummies will be available in the market from today onwards.

That Time of the Month Gummies are for females suffering from PMS (premenstrual syndrome) before or after their monthly menstrual cycle. PMS causes emotional disturbance, mood swings, painful cramps and muscle pains that interrupt women’s daily lives. These gummies are effective in preventing pain and reducing cramps, easing body temperature and enhancing oestrogen dominance. That Time of the Month Gummies also help in reducing other PMS symptoms such as headache, breast pain and suchlike. Besides, the gummies mitigate constipation and irritability as well as help in inducing restful sleep.

Additionally, these are beneficial in controlling anxiety, easing PMS’ depressant effects while decreasing hormonal acne and improving reproductive health. The gummies are safe to consume for all age groups. The pink, strawberry-flavoured gummies are vegan, gluten-free, gelatin-free and crafted cruelty-free. The product has ingredients such as Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, Magnesium Sulphate, Passion Flower Extract, Citrus Bioflavonoids, Milk Thistle Extract and Chasteberry Extract. The micronutrients and other extracts are medically proven to help reduce PMS discomfort in women.

Speaking at the launch of PMS Gummies, Mr Divij Bajaj, CEO & Founder – Power Gummies said, “Though a common condition in women, PMS is largely ignored. In fact, three out of four women suffer from PMS. This triggers painful cramps and other symptoms during their periods every month. Despite numerous treatments in the market, we found that not a single one helps in easing all the symptoms without any adverse effect. Accordingly, we made it a mission to create a product for women based on our motto: ‘Health powered by happiness backed by science’. This finally led to the creation of ‘That Time of the Month Gummies’. Super-tasty, vegan, vitamin-based, unisex, chewable, dietary health supplements, the gummies are crafted with the highest quality ingredients. Bursts of the delectable strawberry flavour create a nostalgic yet enjoyable experience. With the new addition, we hope to transform the way Indian women take care of their health. Power Gummies will continue adding more such products to ensure nutrition for all cohorts.”

Additional product highlights:

· Safe for all women to eliminate or minimize unbearable abdominal discomfort and painful cramps.

· Irrespective of medical issues, suitable for all females.

· No Side Effects

· Clinically tested and proven results

· Magnesium and Vitamin C-enriched period pain gummies- Powered with Passion Flower Extract, Citrus Bioflavonoids, Milk Thistle Extract and Chasteberry Extract.

· 2 gummies a day: 3 days before the menstrual cycle’s due date, during the cycle and 3 days thereafter.

Just two gummies a day can help women stay in the pink of health even during their menstruation. PMS is a combination of symptoms many women undergo about a week or so before their menstrual cycles, which includes bloating, headaches and moodiness, among others. For some, these symptoms are severe enough to disrupt their daily activities. That Time of the Month Gummies are available in a single pack of 40.

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