Pre-budget Expectation Quote | Good Flippin’ Burgers(R)

Viren D’ Silva – Co-founderGOOD FLIPPIN’ BURGERS

“As the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) industry continues to grow in India, the government can take several steps to support and promote this sector. One of the key areas that the government can focus on is reducing the overall tax burden on QSR restaurants. This can be achieved by introducing tax exemptions or reducing the GST rate for this sector. This will help to lower the operational costs for QSR restaurants, making it easier for them to sustain their business and expand.

Another area that the government can focus on is providing financial assistance to QSR restaurants. This can be done through grants, subsidies, and low-interest loans, especially for homegrown brands. This will .

help to provide the necessary capital for QSR restaurants to expand their operations, purchase new equipment, and hire more employees.

The government can focus on providing training and education to QSR employees. This will help improve the quality-of-service QSR restaurants offer and attract more customers.

Overall, the Union Budget 2023 can play a critical role in supporting the QSR sector in India. By introducing policies and programs that focus on reducing the tax burden, providing financial assistance, promoting the sector, and providing training to employees, the government can help to ensure the continued growth and success of QSR restaurants in India.”

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