Santanu Agarwal, DMD of Paisalo Digital Limited, foresees a focus on priority sectors and green initiatives in Union Budget 2024

santanu agarwal

By MrSantanu AgarwalDeputy Managing DirectorPaisalo Digital Limited.

“As India approaches the upcoming Budget 2024 and the transformative era of the Lok Sabha Elections, a promise of prosperity and resilience beckons. Anticipating a balanced yet growth-centric budget, we expect a focus on priority sectors, green initiatives and proactive support for the rural sector. This optimistic vision is set to drive inclusive development, environmental sustainability, and economic empowerment for all.

In alignment with the government’s commitment to sustainable development, the budget is likely to emphasize green projects and eco-friendly initiatives, reinforcing India’s dedication to environmental stewardship. Furthermore, targeted measures for the rural sector, coupled with visionary strategies for financial upliftment and social welfare, are anticipated.

In conclusion, the budget should be largely balanced with the upcoming elections, steering the nation toward a resilient, inclusive, and environmentally conscious future.”

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