Primus Partners strengthens their aviation & transport expertise; Onboards Mr. Sanjay Malhotra as a Senior Advisor

Mumbai, 20 January 2024: Primus Partners Pvt Ltd (Primus) – a leading management consulting services provider – today announced the appointment of Mr. Sanjay Malhotra as their Senior Advisor, marking a strategic move to enhance their proficiency in the aviation and transport sector.

In his role as Senior Advisor at Primus Partners, Mr. Sanjay Malhotra will play a pivotal role in providing strategic insights and guidance to strengthen Primus’s expertise in the aviation and transport sectors. Leveraging his extensive experience of over three decades, Mr. Malhotra will contribute valuable perspectives to enhance Primus’s ongoing business operations and shape strategic initiatives. His role will focus on providing nuanced and forward-looking strategies that align with the dynamic landscape of the aviation and transport industries, further solidifying Primus Partners’ position as a leading management consulting services provider.

Commenting on the appointment Mr. Nilaya Varma, Co-Founder and CEO, Primus Partners said, “Sanjay’s wealth of experience and strategic contributions in the aviation, transport, and oil & gas sectors align seamlessly with Primus Partners’ focus and commitment to delivering exceptional consultancy services that are led by hands-on experts. This strategic appointment further solidifies Primus Partners’ position as a leading consultancy, well-equipped to navigate the complexities of the evolving aviation and transport landscape.”

Mr. Malhotra has held the position of President at Jubilant Enpro Pvt. Ltd., where he led a team of professionals in the Aerospace Division, overseeing marketing, support, and business development. His strategic initiatives have significantly expanded the Aerospace footprint of the organization. In addition to his role at Jubilant Enpro Pvt. Ltd., Mr. Malhotra has served as the Director at Forum One Aviation since 2005, where he contributed with his extensive knowledge and insights to the aviation industry. He was also a Member of the National Steering Committee on Civil Aviation and Defense at the Confederation of Indian Industries (CII). In this role, he raised aviation and regulatory issues from the industry to the government, showcasing his commitment to the advancement of the sector. Malhotra’s hands-on experience at the forefront of the industry aligns seamlessly with Primus Partners’ commitment to delivering cutting-edge consulting services in these sectors.

“As the aviation and transport sectors undergo dynamic transformations, I believe my experience in creating niche markets by partnering with transnational corporations will contribute significantly to Primus Partners’ consultancy prowess. I look forward to collaborating with the team and leveraging our collective expertise to provide innovative solutions to the challenges and opportunities in the aviation and transport industry,” added Mr. Sanjay Malhotra.

The appointment of Mr. Sanjay Malhotra as a Senior Advisor at Primus Partners is poised to strengthen the consultancy’s capabilities in the aviation and transport domain. His strategic insights, industry leadership, and wealth of experience will play a pivotal role in shaping Primus Partners’ ongoing business strategies and reinforcing its position as a consultancy of choice in the dynamic and evolving aviation and transport sectors. The addition of Mr. Malhotra further solidifies Primus Partners’ commitment to providing unparalleled expertise and value to its clients in these critical industries.

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