Purnam’s Spring Edition 2024 Set to Enchant New Delhi

Event Highlights:

Date: February 9th, 2024
Venue: The Claridges, New Delhi
Showcasing: Over 50 indigenous brands, local talent, and skilled craftsmanship


 The exhibition promises an immersive experience of India’s rich cultural heritage, intricate handlooms, artisanal marvels, and curated fashion statements by renowned designers and craftsmen.

Social Impact Commitment: PURNAM remains dedicated to social impact, supporting NGOs such as Pins & Needles, Udayan Care, Gestures Ecological, and Spread A Smile India. The exhibition will showcase creative products for noble causes, empowering underprivileged communities.

team purnam

Founders’ Vision & Breaking Stereotypes: At the heart of PURNAM lies the founder’s unwavering commitment to fostering creativity hand in hand with entrepreneurship. They aspire to create a dynamic platform where the innovative spirit of artisans and entrepreneurs thrives, driving positive change within our society. PURNAM’s success story is uniquely defined by its founders – Saroj Bhatia, Indu Gupta, Jani Dhingra, and Sarita Baluja – a group of incredibly talented and resilient women. Despite their age, these visionary founders are actively involved in every aspect of the organization, challenging stereotypes and proving that age is no barrier to entrepreneurship and creativity.

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