Rt January High Season: How to Prepare Your IT Product Beforehand

Lakewood, CO, January 22, 2024 – To aid businesses in preparing their software solutions for high sales periods, a1qa is holding an online roundtable titled “High season: how to prepare your IT product beforehand” on January 25, 2 PM EST. Aleksey Ermolinsky and Elizaveta Makarova, Solution advisors at a1qa, along with Roman Halyuta, Project coordinator at a1qa, will facilitate and moderate the event, provide valuable insights and strategies, and encourage attendees to share their ideas.

The roundtable agenda will cover the following points:

Functional testing to support high sales periods

Peak performance assurance during seasonal peaks

Resilience engineering to deal with disruptions.

Roman Halyuta, Project coordinator at a1qa, shares his thoughts, “Our roundtable aims to equip businesses with practical strategies to ensure seamless functionality, optimize their IT product’s performance, and safeguard it against disruptions during high sales periods. From functional testing to peak performance and resilience engineering, the attendees will discuss and exchange a comprehensive suite of ideas on how to navigate the challenges of seasonal peaks.”

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