Shalini Vij, Founder Hangoutshares her views on the recent Lockdown amidst rising Corona Cases

Shalini Vij, Founder Hangoutshares her views on the recent Lockdown amidst rising Corona Cases

Hang Out at Select City Walk the leading name in Family Entertainment for over a decade had re-opened doors post previous lockdown very recently, to the new generation with a new dimension & new face. But recently the capital city of New Delhi has gone under Lockdown.Shalini Vij founder Hangout shares her views on the same.

This further lockdown/Curfew is the need of the hour. Covid is spreading like a wild forest fire & has hit close to home and affected many households. There is a dearth of hospital beds, shortage of tests & medical supplies. People are under physical and mental distress, many have lost family members to this pandemic & Under this miserable situation & circumstances we are not in favour to put families, children and parents at risk & I strongly commend the lockdown for the safety and security of mankind.

Public entertainment is the last thing on our minds & these are not times to celebrate occasions and festivities. Yes having said that this bears financial repercussions and burden on all businesses and the overall economy but then it’s times like this where you place humanity over fatality.

It’s time to get together in community service and prayers rather than focus on making money and worry about losses. There is no bigger loss than the loss of life & or a loved one, money, business becomes immaterial & the situation demands a collective effort to counter the situation in hand with sensitivity & compassion.

Aiming always to bring you the best in entertainment & technology, once we collectively overcome this pandemic. This would not have been possible without the support of the Select CityWalk management team Arjun Sharma ,Yogeshwar Sharma and Nimish Arora  for their sensitivity and compassionate support through the previous lockdown and through Covid times, it’s times like this that one realises the true meaning of humanity over mortality. Our business survival wouldn’t have been possible without their support.

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