Skylo Certifies Sony’s Altair ALT1250 Chipset for its Satellite Network

Sony Semiconductor Israel’s Altair ALT1250 chipset is now certified by Skylo Technologies, ensuring seamless global connectivity across devices. The certification enhances device capability for dual cellular and satellite communication, facilitating advanced IoT and global communication solutions.

Mountain View, CA – May 2, 2024—Skylo Technologies, the pioneer in satellite network connectivity, today announced the certification of Sony Semiconductor Israel’s (Sony) ALT1250 chipset as part of the Skylo Certification Program. All devices incorporating the chipset will seamlessly support both cellular and native satellite connectivity without requiring the user to manually switch between the two. Connectivity plans and devices are available through a Skylo mobile service provider partner.

Sony’s Altair ALT1250 has passed rigorous testing and evaluation, proving its capability to meet Skylo’s high standards for connectivity, power efficiency, and reliability. Now, devices equipped with the ALT1250 chipset can operate on Skylo’s satellite network, providing endless opportunities for remote tracking and sensing, IoT devices, wearables, and global communication solutions.

Dima Feldman
Dima Feldman, VP Product Management and Marketing at Sony Semiconductor Israel

“We are excited to have Sony’s Altair ALT1250 achieve certification under Skylo’s program. This certification milestone will simplify module and end-device onboarding to Skylo’s enabled NTN,” said Dima Feldman, VP of Product Management and Marketing at Sony Semiconductor Israel. “Our OneSKU technology now includes satellite communication and opens up a myriad of possibilities for innovation providing connectivity in multiple countries around the globe, both in urban and remote areas.”

Skylo’s Certification Program empowers manufacturers and developers by endorsing chipsets and devices that are fully compatible with its satellite-based communication platform. By doing so, Skylo is fostering a vast ecosystem of connected devices that can operate anywhere in the world. The integration of Sony’s Altair ALT1250 chipset with Skylo’s network will accelerate the deployment of satellite-connected IoT solutions globally, enabling data-driven decision-making across a host of industries, including fleet management, logistics, agriculture, and beyond.

“This achievement under the Skylo Certification Program is no small feat. Sony’s Altair had to pass rigorous testing to ensure reliability, efficiency, and seamless integration for efficient operations over Skylo’s satellite network,” said Prasanna Iyengar, Sr. Director of Product Management for Skylo. “It marks a significant milestone in IoT and wearables connectivity, enabling manufacturers to effortlessly incorporate NTN connectivity into their devices without the need for additional hardware modifications. This ensures that NTN is not just a feature but the foundation of ubiquitous connectivity.”

For manufacturers seeking to incorporate Sony’s Altair ALT1250 into their devices, please reach out to Sony directly here or contact one of Sony’s module partners.

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