Sparta Advances with NVIDIA Inception and Launches Sparta for Crude

The platform’s Live Curves feature provides traders with real-time global pricing data, allowing them to access curves, from all regions, in one view.

[Geneva, April 13th, 2024] – Sparta, the pioneering provider of live market intelligence and forecasting solutions for commodity traders, proudly announces the full-featured release of Sparta’s latest vertical, Sparta for Crude.

Sparta’s crude vertical has been tailor-made to meet the intricate needs of the crude oil market all under one platform.

Sparta for Crude provides a detailed and real-time view of the global crude market, covering over 70 grades. Enabling traders to compare crude benchmarks in specific regions, assess freight options, compare refined margins, and understand pricing impacts on benchmarks such as Brent and WTI.

Your complete pricing solution

Sparta’s live curves provide access to global pricing information for swaps, futures, physical premiums, and freight. Accessible from anywhere in the world via a web browser, Sparta’s mobile iOS application, or Excel.

Industry-leading live arbitrage

Releasing with over 250 global arb routes, Sparta’s crude vertical offers unprecedented coverage of the global crude oil market. In a significant enhancement to the Sparta for Crude platform, traders can now view different grades by margin or on a landed basis.

Crude traders have historically viewed different grades on a landed basis, with crudes in the same quality categories being compared purely on a landed basis to determine relative value. This is also how many crudes will be traded and offered on a CIF basis at the destination.

Forward refined margins

Sparta’s Forward Refined Margins enable traders to instantly determine the best crude for each refinery type and anticipate global trade flows by comparing the GPWs of different grades across regions in real-time.

Evaluating crude grades in 7 regional hubs in 3 different refinery complexities (simple, medium complexity (FCC) and complex assets (full conversion).

Providing accurate GPW calculations across a range of representative refinery regions and setup types to provide a global picture of relative crude GPW values.

Dirty freight tool

Sparta’s Dirty Freight Calculator delivers instant access to reliable prompt and forward freight rates for 500 global routes across vessel classes. Sparta is the only provider to offer 12 months’ insight into the forward market, enabling traders to negotiate better freight rates by aligning shipping costs with market trends.

Expanding opportunities

Crude is just the next step in Sparta’s journey, which will eventually lead us to add full barrel coverage to our platform in the long term. In the short to medium term, Sparta will be adding verticals on a frequent basis throughout 2024.

Book a demo of Sparta for Crude

The Sparta for Crude platform is now available, and we will continue to roll out enhancements throughout April and beyond. Book a demo to see the platform in action, and request your live trial today.

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