Sunteck Realty & Westside Collaborate to Showcase Luxury & Style

May 2, 2024, Mumbai: Sunteck Realty, one of India’s leading Luxury real-estate developers, and Westside, retail chain by TATA, have collaborated to embark on a long-term association to embellish the show residences of Sunteck, in a union of luxury meeting style.

Both the brands, Sunteck & Westside, bring in the perfect blend of elegance and sophistication that today’s urban homebuyers await. Sunteck developments have been the right choice of a luxurious lifestyle, while Westside offers comfort & sophistication. The aim is to provide the prospective home buyers with a tangible experience of the lavish lifestyle awaiting them at the luxurious developments by

“We take great pleasure in introducing Westside at Sunteck Realty’s luxurious developments by tastefully styling our elegant residences, demonstrating that our residents gain much more than an apartment; they are enveloped in an environment of unparalleled luxury and elegance offering upgraded living,” stated Anupma Khetan, Customer Experience Evangelist, Sunteck Realty Limited.

Sunteck Realty & Westside Collaborate to Showcase Luxury & Style

“At Westside, we believe in curating spaces that exude luxury and style,” said Umashan Naidoo, Head of Customer and Beauty, Westside. “Our collaboration with Sunteck Realty is a testament to our commitment to providing homeowners an unparalleled living experience. We aim to elevate the ambiance of the Sunteck residences, offering residents a glimpse into a sophisticated lifestyle.”

Showcasing a mesmerizing display of lifestyle, the plush show residence of Sunteck World has been adorned with over 100 home décor products, which include bed sheets, upholstery, kitchen accessories, tableware, and accents. The season’s trendy furnishing, colours, and aesthetics sets a new standard in comfort and lifestyle.

Sunteck keeps its commitment to providing exceptional living experiences by joining hands with Westside for its Sunteck World and Sunteck City brands, known for their innovative designs, premium amenities, and prime locations. This collaboration with Westside creates a synergy that aligns perfectly with the lifestyle aspirations of our discerning customers. Together, we aim to elevate the concept of modern living by seamlessly integrating high-quality residential spaces with stylish and functional furniture solutions from Westside.

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