Survey Finds Health Payment Account Users Experience Better Health, Higher Job Satisfaction, and Greater Retention

COLUMBIA, MO | January 25, 2024 – A new survey conducted by Paytient, a leading provider of financial and care solutions, found that Health Payment Account (HPA) users report improved health and better job satisfaction and retention. The first of its kind study was designed to explore how the HPA, as an employee benefit, changes user behavior and perceptions—including care-seeking patterns, overall health and wellbeing, the perceived value of their employer-sponsored health benefits, and employee attitudes toward keeping their job.

The survey polled over 3,300 users to gather the following highlights.

  • 92% of respondents were more satisfied with their health benefits.
  • 66% said access to care via their HPA has made them and their family healthier.
  • 64% said the HPA makes them more likely to keep their job with their employer.
  • 54% said they would have skipped some or all care without their HPA.

When asked what it meant to them to be offered Paytient by their employer, over 20% expressed feeling that their employer cares about them.

The Health Payment Account is an employer-sponsored health benefit that pairs with any health plan to empower members to more easily access and pay for care. Unlike point solutions, which aim to impact only a narrow part of the employee population, HPAs have wide adoption and wide-ranging impacts. Plan sponsors who offer the HPA see optimized health plan enrollment choices, care-seeking patterns, and utilization of the entire portfolio of health benefits, including dental and vision.

HPAs have been embraced by major payers who have offered Paytient’s HPA alongside individual marketplace plans in 8 states in 2024. By 2025, Medicare Part D plans will include similar interest-free payment plans for seniors at the pharmacy, a requirement that was passed into law as part of the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022.

“The built in ability to pay for care over time is an emerging standard of care for health plan sponsors, but it’s especially powerful for employers because it changes employee behavior in a way that creates value for both organizations and their teams.” Paytient founder, Brian Whorley said. “The result is a geyser of goodwill and downstream benefits like cost savings, employee retention, health equity, and enhanced workforce productivity.”

Today, Paytient partners with thousands of leading employers and payers including Hyatt, R.R. Donnelley, Cigna, Centene, Commerce Bank, and Delta Dental.

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