Synchrony Charging Ahead: Transforming Employee Commute

Synchrony Charging Ahead: Transforming Employee CommuteHyderabad, March 18th, 2024: Synchrony, a leading financial services provider, announced a significant step towards sustainability with the launch of Electric Vehicles (EV) to their corporate transportation fleet. In partnership with Lithium Urban Technologies, Synchrony has introduced 25 EVs available for their employees, marking a pivotal moment in transforming the employee commute with sustainable solutions.

The partnership with Lithium Urban Technologies demonstrates Synchrony’s focus on adopting innovative technology and helping to build a greener future. These eco-friendly vehicles will be readily accessible to all Synchrony employees, 24/7, offering a convenient and environmentally responsible commuting option. Synchrony recognizes the importance of reducing its environmental impact. By adopting electric vehicles, the company anticipates a significant reduction in carbon footprint, with an estimated decrease of 405 tons of CO2 emissions per month for 25 EVs introduced.

“At Synchrony, we’re passionate about making a positive difference for the environment. Synchrony’s new EV fleet offers a win-win situation for both the environment and our employees,” said Gaurav Sehgal, Senior Vice President Human Resources – Asia, at Synchrony. “Adding these new EVs to our fleet is a big step towards a greener and cleaner future ahead. As this aligns perfectly with our ongoing sustainability goals, we are excited to partner with Lithium to make this vision a reality. It’s all about creating a workplace that thrives and that includes taking care of the planet we all share.”

“We are privileged to partner with Synchrony. Launching Lithium’s 100% electric mobility services at Synchrony’s Hyderabad campus is a milestone moment for both companies. As India’s largest B2B electric and full stack mobility solution provider, Lithium has been the pioneer of decarbonizing urban mobility in India having abated 75000 mt of Co2e to date. We sincerely thank Synchrony for its sustainability commitments and for adopting electric mobility, for its -employee transportation needs. We, at Lithium, not only look forward to delivering a world-class mobility experience for Synchrony but also remain committed to enabling the abatement of 1600 mt of Co2e and providing substantial value over the next five years. Thank you Synchrony. We remain indebted and at your service always Team Lithium,” said, Sanjay Krishnan, Founder and CEO, Lithium Urban Technologies

The introduction of the EV fleet is just another step in Synchrony’s ongoing sustainability journey. The company is dedicated to constantly exploring and implementing innovative initiatives that minimize its environmental impact. This latest move sets a strong example for other businesses in the region, demonstrating that a commitment to sustainability and a thriving workplace can go hand-in-hand. Synchrony remains steadfast in its pursuit of a greener future, and this is only the beginning.

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