Teen Summer Modeling Camps

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San Diego, CA – April 3, 2024 – ModelStyle Magazine, a leading online fashion publication, proudly announces the highly anticipated relaunch of its Summer Modeling Camps in the vibrant city of San Diego, California. Designed for aspiring teen models aged 12–17, these week-long programs offer a comprehensive and engaging curriculum that empowers participants to develop the skills and confidence needed to thrive in the fashion industry.

ModelStyle Magazine’s Summer Modeling Camp is a 5-day weekly summer day camp, running from 10 am to 3 pm daily (Monday to Friday). The camp offers an all-encompassing program to ignite passion, foster growth, and create lasting memories. Campers delve into the world of runway modeling, mastering the art of walking with poise and captivating audiences with every stride. Expert instructors guide them on proper posture and movement, allowing them to exude confidence on the catwalk and equipping them with the skills to take center stage.

ModelStyle’s Summer Modeling Camps also offer workshops on skincare and makeup application. Participants acquire the knowledge to develop a personalized skincare routine for a radiant complexion and explore the art of makeup to enhance their natural beauty.

Public speaking and commentary workshops are an integral part of the program. These sessions equip campers with the tools to overcome stage fright and develop compelling communication skills. Learning to express themselves confidently is a key skill that can be used both on the runway and in future endeavors, allowing individuals to stand out in any situation.

The highlight of the camp is a professional photoshoot—an exclusive opportunity for campers to shine in front of the camera, with selected images featured in the online digital issue of ModelStyle Magazine. The culmination of this immersive experience is the End of the Summer Mock Fashion Show Recital, where campers will showcase their newfound skills and talents.

At ModelStyle’s Summer Modeling Camp, teens will not only gain invaluable insights into the fashion industry but also forge new friendships and elevate their confidence to new heights.

Space for these sought-after camps fills up quickly, so aspiring models are encouraged to register early to secure their spot. Visit ModelStyle Magazine Website for more information and registration details.

ModelStyle Magazine is a leading online publication dedicated to showcasing the next generation of fashion icons. Each issue spotlights aspiring and upcoming models, providing them with a platform to launch their careers. Alongside these rising stars, ModelStyle features a talented photo artist or designer, creating a dynamic space where fashion’s future takes center stage.

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