This World Athletics Day, elevate your fitness game with the latest drops from G-SHOCK G-SQUAD DW-H5600 Series

This World Athletics Day, elevate your fitness game with the latest drops from G-SHOCK G-SQUAD DW-H5600 SeriesAs we commemorate the spirit of athleticism and the pursuit of physical excellence, this World Athletics Day, G-SHOCK, the trailblazing watch brand renowned for its exceptional durability and visionary craftsmanship, proudly introduces the latest additions to its G-SQUAD DW-H5600 series in India.

Designed for the modern athlete and fitness enthusiast, these multi-sport watches combine advanced functionality with eco-conscious materials, setting a new standard for performance and sustainability. The G-SHOCK DW-H5600 series, designed in the compact octagonal form of the original G-SHOCK, is comfortable for active users and available in three striking variants: the black DW-H5600-1A2 with blue accents, the white DW-H5600-7, and the gray DW-H5600MB-8 with a black ion-plated metal bezel piece. Engineered to support active lifestyles, these timepieces offer cutting-edge features to enhance your fitness journey. 

Track your progress with precision

Watch and fitness enthusiasts can now measure their heart rate accurately using the built-in optical sensor and count every step with the integrated accelerometer. Whether you’re running, walking, or engaged in gym workouts and interval training, these timepieces provide comprehensive data including distance, speed, time, pace, calories burned, and more.

Enhanced health monitoring

In addition to heart rate measurements, the DW-H5600 series goes further to prioritize the user’s well-being. With the ability to measure blood oxygen levels, energy expended (kcal), and cardio status, these watches offer invaluable insights into your fitness journey. The timepieces utilize the PolarTM smartwatch library for in-depth workout analysis, post-sleep recovery tracking, breathing exercise support, and oximeter readings.

Sustainable design for a better future

The DW-H5600 series is crafted with a bezel and band made from bio-based resin, derived from renewable organic materials. By incorporating biomass plastics, G-SHOCK is taking a significant step towards reducing our environmental footprint and advancing towards a circular economy. The watches are equipped with solar and USB charging capabilities, allowing users to rely on their G-SHOCK to stay charged and ready for action.

Seamless Integration with the Casio Watches App

The DW-H5600 connects effortlessly to the Casio Watches smartphone app, providing users with a wealth of fitness and health insights. From tracking daily activity levels to analyzing workout recovery and sleep quality, the app offers personalized guidance to optimize performance. With intuitive visuals and graphs, including route maps and linked data for measurements and lap times, users can easily monitor their progress and make informed decisions to achieve their fitness objectives.

these timepieces, DW-H5600-1A2, DW-H5600-7 & DW-H5600MB-8, are available at Casio India stores and G-SHOCK Exclusive stores nationwide, and online at

  • DW-H5600-1A2:
  • DW-H5600-7
  • DW-H5600MB-8

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