Thousands Join Launch of Rosatom’s Atoms for Humanity Nuclear Awareness Campaign

Thousands Join Launch of Rosatom’s Atoms for Humanity Nuclear Awareness Campaign

On April 30, over 3200 people from some 40 countries watched Rosatom’s Atoms for Humanity new nuclear awareness campaign launch event. The project is aimed at demonstrating the importance of nuclear technologies in achieving the UN Sustainable Goals through human-centered stories.

The project launch event Why Humanity Needs Nuclear brought together Polina Lion, Chief Sustainability Officer at Rosatom, Sama Bilbao y León, Director General of the World Nuclear Association, Dr. Maher Aziz, member of the World Energy Council, Ben Heard, founder of the Bright New World and Sergio Orlandi and Head of Central Engineering and Plant Directorate at ITER. Heroes of Atoms for Humanity joined the event to share their experiences participating in the campaign.

The esteemed speakers discussed social, economic and environmental benefits of nuclear technologies and their invaluable contribution to solving the most urgent challenges of today and tomorrow.

“Achieving sustainable development goals is impossible without a sustainable energy source. Nuclear is the only energy source, which is both reliable and low-carbon. It works 24/7, it produces no direct CO2 emissions and leaves almost zero waste behind,” said Polina Lion.

WNA Director General Sama Bilbao y León shared the sentiment.

“Nuclear energy contributes to having reliable, resilient 24/7 energy supply. We are in the middle of this terrible COVID-19 pandemic and we are seeing everyday how essential having access to 24/7 electricity is to cope with this crisis. And of course the fact that nuclear energy is very low-emission technology is going to ensure that we have clean, air clean water and plenty of open space to have health communities,” Bilbao y León stressed.

Sergio Orlandi in turn explained why the success of international cooperation at ITER was important for the future of humanity.

“ITER is something very delicate and very challenging but I really believe that the magnitude of the project motivates us and gives us the capacity to move forward. We know very well that we are at the frontier of new technology, on the frontier of a scientific breakthrough. We know that we are making something historical and beneficial for humanity. We need clean energy for the entire world,” Orlandi said.

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