TiE Mumbai kickstarts its “Cook off” series

TiE Mumbai kickstarts its “Cook off” series
(L-R) Sanket S, Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi, Arjun Vaidya & Trisha Rajani Vaidya

Mumbai, February 24, 2022: TiE Mumbai is always looking at innovative ways of engagement to foster entrepreneurship. The “Cook off” series which has recently kicked off is an interesting and fun concept where Startup celebrities, that is, entrepreneurs, investors and industry veterans are invited for a cook off with the renowned “Energy” chef Harpal Singh Sokhi.

This Cook off series aims at forearming the young Startup brigade that India is churning by the hour these days, with the basic business know how. The guests on this series, come with a treasure house of experience and this informal format enables them to get candid about their struggles, mistakes during their journey, handling success etc.

“As they say in entrepreneurship it’s more important to know what not to do & we hope that through this format we’ll be able to communicate these aspects that are kept away from the usual media limelight to young & aspiring entrepreneurs and of course with some interesting recipes in the backdrop.” said Sanket S, Lead- TiE Food Network.

The first guests on this show were Arjun & Trisha Vaidya, Founders of Dr. Vaidya. “We got the amazing opportunity to interact with Chef Harpal Sokhi and share our journey while also cooking an amazing meal. The best stories are shared over food and I am excited to see the other entrepreneurs be a part of this fun format by TIE Mumbai. The best part about the whole experience was ‘namak shamak’ with the legendary chef!” said Arjun Vaidya.

“This cook off series in association with TiE Mumbai is particularly interesting for me. We invite various guests who share their experiences on what one should look at when they want to begin their entrepreneurial journey. The conversations get more engaging as I cook some delicious recipes with them.” said Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi, Celebrity Chef.

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