Trendy HR Tech solutions enabling smooth workflow

Trendy HR Tech solutions enabling smooth workflow

HR Tech Solutions have been picking up at a stupendous rate in terms of both- innovation and adoption. In the lap of the pandemic, HR Tech firms went beyond just supporting the new normal to uplifting the overall experience with out of the box ideas and solutions. Where earlier it was more about attendance, payrolls, and engagement, now it has gone a step forward to convenience, and finer experience for employees, recruiters, HRs and professionals. Corporate too are welcoming the solutions that have taken up high momentum tasks and are also streamlining the new virtual working for them.

Some of the top trendy HR Tech Solutions that have become the highlight of the corporate world.

1. People Pro: It is an HR-centric forum launched by a young start-up; Qandle an All-in-One HR platform. The forum facilitates HRs to access all the different documents, letter formats including-HR Letters, Templates, and Job descriptions. The platform helps HR to build a strong network with experienced people. Moreover, the portal provides summaries of many best-business books. Access to these resources is completely free of cost.

2. Zimyo HRMS: Zimyo HR is a handy HR SaaS solution introduced by HR software company IMO. It is useful for start-ups, small and medium businesses, to ensure secure and easy management of HR activities for the organization. The other advantage of the tool is that it facilitates simple and scalable operations. It helps to manage assets, resolve employee queries via helpdesk and automate all tasks. Automation of HR activities lessens a load of HR professionals, thus saving their time and effort.

3. Peer-to-Peer: P2P platform is incepted by Delhi-based ReferHire, a start-up. It is a networking platform to bring together organizations and those exploring innovative career opportunities. The platform helps both of the parties to connect through this portal and work on new business ideas. The tech solution provides transparency and efficiency in the whole process of selecting the appropriate applicant.

4. Payroll: Payroll, HR tech solution by Keka. The payroll software benefits the HR and Finance team to make salary and payroll changes throughout the month. The professionals do not have to pile up the work till the end of the month. The invention has created a design revolution in the online payroll software market. It also has demonstrated that the process of payroll can be easily configured.

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