Triton EV Model H Pre Booking Starts & Video Launch

Triton EV Model H Pre Booking Starts & Video Launch

Triton EV has announced May 10th as the date for unleashing Triton EV’s Model H. This electric vehicle is also considered as a super SUV for the next generation because of it’s revolutionary Electric Vehicle features. The company believes that this Model H to bring a great change in the global EV industry along with India. The company will start taking the pre-booking orders of Model H from May 10th Onwards.

The Chairman and Managing director of Triton EV, Himanshu Patel has issued a video showing a glimpse of the vehicle as a curtain-raiser. Here is the Triton EV’s Model H Video.

Earlier the New Jersey Headquartered Triton Electric Vehicle LLC has registered an Indian subsidiary by the name of Triton Electric Vehicles India Private Limited in New Delhi after unleashing strong plans for the Indian EV market. These company plans include setting up a state of the art manufacturing facility that will produce various models from Triton EV for the Indian market as well as for markets such as Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, the Middle East and the Africa region.

It is estimated that over 21000 people will be employed through the Triton EV Manufacturing facility over the next three years, Himanshu B Patel, Founder & CEO of Triton EV, while highlighting the upcoming Triton EV’s production said, “We will produce EV Cars from here. And we expect a substantial amount of export revenue from this manufacturing set up. We aim to cater to the needs of many countries for Electric vehicles from the Indian Manufacturing base.”

According to Himanshu’s estimated predictions, Triton EV manufacturing will be a strong and most robust EV production centre out of India as per world-class standards. “Our manufacturing facility will not be an assembly line for the cars, but we will make and produce most of the critical products and components required to produce a best-in-class EV. The in house production capacity will differentiate Triton EV from others. However, there will be huge and massive scope for the regional MSMEs to work with us and contribute to the development of these EVs,” says Himanshu Patel.

In addition to EVs, Triton also has a strong product pipeline for the defence segment. Triton’s M-Rover is a product that is ready to be utilized for defence and security forces usage. Triton is also looking into armoured vehicle editions of their Model H.

Triton EV’s commitment towards India can be visualized with the recent MoU news sign off with BEL. The two organizations will work on Energy Storage Systems & Electric Vehicles development.

Triton EV is involved in the Energy Storage System business ranging from transportable small battery packs to a 10 MWh battery storage unit for customers in the USA and abroad for applications like energy generation, load management, EV charging stations etc. Triton is also involved in the manufacturing of Electric Vehicles using battery technologies developed by them.

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