Uk Government Unveils Unplugged: Best of the Uk Photography Exhibition in Kolkata

Uk Government Unveils Unplugged: Best of the Uk Photography Exhibition in Kolkata	13, March 2023, Kolkata: The British Deputy High Commission Kolkata unveiled ‘Unplugged: Best of the UK’, a three-day photography exhibition in collaboration with Indo-British Scholars’ Association (IBSA) and Bengal Heritage Foundation (BHF) at the Bengal Gallery, ICCR, Kolkata today on 10 March 2023.

The photography exhibition will continue from 10 to 12 March 2023. The images showcased a wide array of visual narratives about the United Kingdom taken by 19 photographers from Kolkata and London. A total of 84 photographs will be on display for the visitors.

The Photography Exhibition was conceived by Amit Sengupta of the British Deputy High Commission and Saptarshi Kar of Indo-British Scholars’ Association. They are the key photographers whose images are exhibited. Apart from them, a total of 17 other photographers from Bengal and Britain have contributed their images. Members of Bengal Heritage Foundation, London have also contributed. The exhibition has been curated by Surasree Seal and Pallavi Majumdar.

Mr. Peter Cook, Acting British Deputy High Commissioner to Kolkata said: “The Great British Photo Exhibition is an excellent opportunity to celebrate the strength of our shared heritage that lives on in the people of this great city. As a Bengali born British Citizen, I can say with passion and some personal pride that our heritage is not only worthy of our past but also offers the promise of a prosperous partnership in the future.  Thank you to our friends and partners at IBSA and BHF. Do come and see this fantastic exhibition.”

Mr. Subrata Paul, President, IBSA said:  “Indo British Scholar’s Association (IBSA) is proud to partner with British Deputy High Commission, Kolkata, and Bengal Heritage Foundation, for hosting The Great British Photo Exhibition, on 10-12 March 2023. This one of its kind photography exhibition is celebrating the enduring relationship between UK, India, and West Bengal. The Photo Exhibition is going to act as a Living Bridge between India and U.K., especially for Indians having U.K. connections through education, work, and cultural relationship. Photographs will evoke fond memories for people, who have connections with U.K. and are visiting the exhibition. Landscapes, monuments, architecture, sports, and transport visuals of the U.K. will help people to reminiscence their stay in U.K. I wish the exhibition a great success.”

Mr. Suranjan Som, President, BHF said: “Photography has been a fascinating art and a science for me, where one captures a moment in time, to cherish it forever. With the advent of digital, and now mobile, photography, in the past few years, the science has been largely democratized, hence it is now the quality of content and artistry of the capturer that trumps. The United Kingdom provides a significant canvas of photographic opportunities from the rolling hills of the countryside to the bustling streets of the city. Every shot tells a unique story, and every photographer brings their own vision to the frame. Let’s showcase the beauty and diversity of this great nation through photography.”

The ‘Best of the UK’ photography exhibition is part of the GREAT British Season that British Deputy High Commission Kolkata are hosting to celebrate the United Kingdom and India’s shared living bridge.  We are organizing an array of programmes and events to showcase our past, present and future links in culture, education, sports, technology, and tourism as part of this season.

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