Vedas Cure three-step program to get rid of pigmentation

Vedas Cure three-step program to get rid of pigmentation

One of the most common skin related problems in India, skin pigmentation, is the discolouration or darkening of the skin at certain areas of the body. Constitutive pigmentation varies widely across the world, with certain skin tones, especially in Asian and Indian subjects, being more vulnerable to pigmentation disorders than other human groups.

Causes of pigmentation may differ depending on the patient’s medical condition, immunity, and environment, to name a few. However, the problem may trigger due to excessive exposure to the sun, allergies to cosmetics, allergies to perfumes, drugs, oral contraceptive pills, hormone pills, damage to the skin due to injury, during pregnancy, irregular menopause, obesity, or excessive weight gain, stress, smoking, deficiency of vitamin B3, B12 or D, Thyroid disorder, insulin resistance, etc.

According to Ayurveda, the skin ruled by Vyana Vata and Bhrajaka Pitta. Our skin colour is governed by Bhrajaka Pitta, a sub-dosha of Pitta. We see skin issues, including pigmentation, when this sub-dosha is out of control. The remedy is to calm the aggravated pitta; this is accomplished by a combination of internal and external methods. Herbal preparations for topical application and ingestion are recommended to address the exacerbated dosha both internally and externally. Toxin accumulation in the body can also cause pigmentation.

Vedas Cure has developed a unique herbal formulation composed of excellent herbs that effectively control the problem of pigmentation. The three-Step program to get rid of pigmentation includes three products – Pigmento Care, Aarogyavardhani Vati, and Anti-pigmentation Gel.  

Pigmento Care – It is composed of 25 herbs such as Neem, Babool, Triphala, Mulethi, Bhringraj, Amaltas, etc. Pigmento care is a finely grounded powder consumed twice a day to treat the problem. It helps with skin-related issues like pigmentation, freckles, melasma, dark spots, etc.

Aarogyavardhani Vati –  It is a classic Ayurvedic tablet comprising natural herbs such as Triphala, Shilajatu, Guggulu (Gum resin), Kutki, Neem, Abhraka Bhasma (purified and processed mica) and many more. Aarogyavardhani Vati comprises 13 elements, including herbs, dried fruits, plant extracts, and processed minerals and metals. It effectively treats skin related problems like pigmentation, acne, wrinkles. etc., and has been used for centuries.

Anti-pigmentation Gel – The last item of the three-step pigmentation program is the anti-pigmentation gel. As the name suggests, this gel formulation product has to be applied externally to the affected areas. The gel contains natural ingredients such as papaya extract, aloe vera extract, Glycerin, and Vitamin E.

“The duration of the treatment depends on the intensity of the problem. The usual course lasts for about three months. Regular consumption of these three products has shown proven results in our patients. Differently formulated products treat the root cause of the problem and cure it from within,” shares Vikas Chawla, Founder, and Director, Vedas Cure.

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