Videotex International has become a strategic ODM Partner for webOS Hub, begins manufacturing webOS Hub 2.0 in India

Mr. Arjun Bajaj - Director - Videotex International

Delhi: Over four decades old, Videotex International, one of the largest Television ODM and OEM players in India, is the first company in India to become webOS Hub ODM in 2021, with the introduction of webOS Hub 2.0; Videotex has now become the strategic ODM partner of webOS Hub. Videotex has already onboarded over 15 leading smart TV brands which includes Lloyd, BPL, Hyundai, Akai, Vise, Daiwa, Compaq and others for manufacturing TVs operated with webOS Hub.

Since the time, Videotex began manufacturing webOS solution; the OS has been a game changer in the Indian television industry. The company started ODM solutions for one brand in India and successfully onboarded over 15 brands today. Videotex has manufactured over half a million webOS Hub operated TVs at its high-end facility in Greater Noida, which has a production capacity of more than 1.4 million TVs per year and is being expanded with their new unit, which has a production capacity of more than 1.8 million TVs per year, for a total manufacturing capacity of 3.2 million.Videotex has R&D facilities in both India and China. Videotex has consistently worked to bring cutting-edge solutions to the Indian smart TV industry by offering a complete range of 32 to 65-inch smart TVs in the new webOS Hub 2.0 solutions, available in HD, full HD, and 4K.

Chris Jo, Senior Vice President, Head of LGE HE Platform Biz Division said, “At LG, we are committed to refining and expanding our webOS Hub ecosystem, which continues to introduce more and more consumers to the unparalleled user experience of LG webOS Hub. With this, we are pleased to expand our collaboration with Videotex, which has been at the forefront of India’s smart TV ecosystem.”

Mr. Arjun Bajaj, Director of Videotex, commented on the development, said, “Following the success of webOS Hub 1.0, we are excited to transition to webOS Hub 2.0, which is smarter, and interactive & provides users with an advanced Smart TV experience. The most recent addition demonstrates Videotex’s commitment to continuous innovation and providing excellence in cutting-edge technologies to new-age users. This development will also strengthen the company’s position as a market leader in India, giving its partners more reasons to choose Videotex as a manufacturer over other brands when considering Make in India Smart TVs.”

Smart TV Powered by webOS Hub is LG’s ground-breaking and brilliant webOS Hub operating system. webOS Hub comes with ThinQ AI, the artificial intelligence technology that allows users to control the TV through their voice & also other ThinQ-enabled IoT devices. The TV comes with a magic remote with direct hotkeys for Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, Quick Access, a Click wheel, and other features. The remote can also be a universal controller for other devices, such as soundbars, AV receivers, and others. The LG ThinQ app also allows users to control their TVs from their smartphones.

Furthermore, a strong emphasis is placed on gaming, with a new gaming dashboard and specific modes available for gamers to personalize their gaming experience based on the genre. The Smart TV has an upgraded Realtek Chipset that improves picture quality by optimizing sharpness and contrast using depth analytics extraction by an AI engine. For a more theatrical viewing experience, it supports HDR formats such as HLG for OLED/UHD, HDR10, and to 4K upscaling. The TV also supports advanced Dolby audio and a clear voice algorithm, which increases the size of extracted voice components (vocal sound) while decreasing background noise. With the latest webOS Hub 2.0, users can now use their voice to discover, access, and enjoy their favourite streaming content via Netflix voice UI.

webOS Hub 2.0 is a consumer-centric design that includes more personalization options and new features such as bezel-less designs, magic remote, universal control, MEMC, ALLM for OLED/UHD , Bluetooth 2-way and Dual-band Wi-Fi.

The company shall manufacture webOS Hub 2.0 TVs ranging in size from 32 to 75 inches.

*Specifications and functionalities may vary as per the line-up.

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