WazirX Announces Deposit Dhamaka 2.O with 1Percent Bonus on Crypto Deposits

Mumbai: January 18, 2024 – WazirX, a leading player in the dynamic cryptocurrency landscape, is excited to introduce Deposit Dhamaka 2.O – a distinctive offering designed to mark a milestone in the vibrant crypto community. Following the success of seven previous rounds, this edition promises an added layer of excitement and rewards for participants.

About the Campaign:

Deposit Dhamaka 2.O is a straightforward initiative – participants deposit their crypto and earn a 1% bonus in the same coin without any complications. It’s a celebration of crypto ownership and engagement within the WazirX ecosystem.

Campaign Highlights:

Limited Time Offer:

Commenced on January 12, 2024, at 03:00 PM, the Deposit Dhamaka is an invitation for participants to engage in this rewarding journey. The end date will be communicated through WazirX channels. To participate, users need to meet onboarding requirements, link a valid bank account to their WazirX wallet, and complete the KYC verification process.

To assist in understanding potential bonuses, participants can utilize the WazirX Crypto Bonus Calculator available on the platform.

Max Per Person Rewards:

Users have the opportunity to earn a bonus of up to crypto worth Rs. 9,999, adding an extra layer of value to their crypto holdings.

HODL, Trade & Earn:

Participants who make crypto deposits may HODL or trade their crypto for 30 days to remain eligible for rewards. Withdrawals during this period will exclude participants from the Deposit Dhamaka, with no bonus received.

Effortless Bonus Crediting:

The 1% bonus will be credited to participants’ WazirX wallets on the 31st day. Notifications, including email and push notifications, will be sent immediately after the deposit for real-time tracking through the dashboard.

Included Cryptos:

Participants can enjoy a 1% reward on a diverse range of cryptos, including BTC, MATIC, WRX, ETH, and 23 more.

Lucky Draw:

As an added element of excitement, three lucky depositors will have the chance to win an extra Rs. 9,999 worth of WRX through a random draw.

In a statement, Rajagopal Menon, VP Marketing at WazirX, expressed, “Deposit Dhamaka 2.O is more than just a campaign; it’s our brainchild, a testament to innovation. Having successfully executed this idea seven times in the past, we continue to evolve and provide unique opportunities for our users. In the wake of the offshore exchange ban, we are steadfast in our commitment to supporting every user in the crypto community.”

“Make your crypto work harder for you with Deposit Dhamaka. It’s not just about holding crypto; it’s about making it grow. Deposit now and watch your investments thrive with an instant 1% bonus. At WazirX, we’re turning crypto ownership into an opportunity for active growth.’

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