Ziyyara Edutech Projects Revenue Growth of 20 Million in FY 2024-2025

New Delhi, May 14, 2024Ziyyara Education, a leading provider of personalized online tutoring, today announced its projected revenue growth of 20 million for the fiscal year 20242025. This significant increase builds upon the company’s impressive performance in previous years and reflects its unwavering commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. Driven by strategic initiatives and a focus on capitalizing on emerging trends, Ziyyara is poised to maintain its position as a frontrunner in the edtech sector.

Ziyyara‘s robust revenue projections are backed by a comprehensive growth strategy. The company uses a diversified revenue model including subscriptions for access to educational services, pay-per-course options for specific offerings, and licensing of its technology and services to students.

“A clear strategy and clever vision of the opportunities into the future will enable us to stay focused on delivering value to parents and students and keeping ourselves ahead as a leader in the edtech space,” said Ms. Kavita Sharma, Co-Founder of Ziyyara Education.”The finding of the revenue highlights our endurance and confidence in our strength to seize any upcoming great chance to continue growing sustainably.” 

Ziyyara, in its pursuit of global expansion, prioritizes a multi-pronged approach to ensure its long-term success. The company recognizes the need for a strong foundation and invests in a scalable technology infrastructure to accommodate a growing user base. To reach new markets and resources, Ziyyara forges strategic partnerships. Understanding the importance of catering to diverse audiences, Ziyyara tailors its content to resonate with different markets and maximize user satisfaction. Ziyara optimizes data analytics to refine its service offerings and improve educational outcomes. Recognizing the need to stay ahead of the curve, Ziyyara prioritizes continuous innovation in products and teaching methods. The company adheres to educational standards set forth by various regions to ensure regulatory compliance.

Ziyyara has scaled its successful personalized one-on-one learning model to new continents; recent expansion into the United Arab Emirates (UAE) exemplifies its commitment to global reach.  The company aims to empower 10,000 UAE students with high-quality, accessible education through its one-on-one tutoring platform. The company also implemented quarterly parent-teacher meetings, fostering open communication, feedback exchange, and collaboration in the learning journey. This collaborative approach strengthens the partnership between tutors, parents, and students.

Looking ahead, Ziyyara has a clear vision for the future.  The company plans to continue its global expansion, entering new markets and reaching underserved populations particularly in emerging economies and regions with limited access to quality education.  Through strategic partnerships, local tutors, and culturally adapted content, Ziyyara strives to empower students worldwide and will ensure the platform’s effectiveness and relevance in diverse contexts.

Disclaimer: This press release serves for informational purposes only and does not constitute professional advice. Any reliance on the information provided is at the reader’s discretion.

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