Smooth Transition to Hostel Life: Get training from renowned 4 coaches

With 12th exams out, many students are exploring options for higher education and preparing to move to new places for their studies, which often means living in a hostel. There’s much more to packing for a hostel stay than just getting your belongings ready. It’s about embodying freedom, developing resilience, nurturing relationships, and focusing on personal growth.

Students can achieve a smooth transition and make the most out of their hostel experience by heeding the professional advice of these leading 4 Indian soft skills trainers and coaches:

  1. Shalini Aggarwal who is an internationally certified soft-skills trainer with 11 years of experience. Her focus is creating game-changing programs that enable people to flourish in the real world by offering them the confidence and resilience to overcome life‘s obstacles.

  1. Sneha Shah is a life and leadership coach who specializes in developing soft skills, emotional intelligence, and personal effectiveness. She has a determination to drive change and bring significant transformations.

  1. Dr. Snehal R. Singh, a renowned life coach and author with 14 years of expertise, emphasizes the importance of embracing independence.

  1. Rashmi Tiwari is a licensed life coach and NLP practitioner who provides coaching in the areas of effective communication, self-awareness, and confidence development.

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